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Contextualizing Liberal Education for Applied Reasoning: Home

A resource for MDC faculty involved in the contextualization of business and liberal arts education.

College Forum-Miami Dade College, June 2019

The CLEAR Grant

Miami Dade College was awarded the Teagle Foundation grant:  Contextualizing Liberal Education for Applied Reasoning (CLEAR) to cover a period of three years, from 2017 to 2020. 

The project’s goal is to redesign business education programs to yield a new model for contextualizing liberal arts content in workforce programs that can be replicated in other MDC programs college-wide and create a model for other colleges nationwide.

Faculty from the liberal arts and business programs will work together to refine the prescribed set of general education courses to be contextualized so students see the connection between the liberal arts and their career aspirations.

Project’s Leaning Outcomes:

1) embed the liberal arts meaningfully into business education college wide

2) create a community of faculty throughout the College who collaborate to enhance students’ learning outcomes

3) create a successful model for eventual enhancement of liberal arts into other workforce subject areas beyond business education.

The requests for proposals to participate in Year 3 took place from February 22 through March 25, 2019.  The selected projects were announced on April 15.  Faculty development, planning and organization will take place in the fall 2019 and class implementation in the spring 2020 semester.

Potential Courses

Our Courses

Business Courses     
General Education Courses
ACG 2021 + Lab

ENC 1101

ECO 2013 ENC 1102
ECO 2023 MAC 1105
ACG 2011 CLP 1006
GEB 1011 SPC 1017
QMB 2100 + Lab PHI 2604
MAN 2021 MAC 2233
TRA 1154
TRA 2010

Kickoff Video-11/2/18

The Teagle Foundation


The Teagle Foundation’s grant initiatives aim to strengthen teaching and learning in the arts and sciences. To that end, they support concrete changes in curriculum, pedagogy, assessment, and faculty professional development that ultimately improve and enliven the educational experience of undergraduate students.
Through their initiatives, they grant nationally to colleges and universities, higher education consortia, disciplinary associations, and other relevant organizations. Their only place-based initiative is their College-Community Connections program, where they support partnerships between community-based organizations and colleges and universities in New York to help young people from under-resourced high schools prepare for and successfully pursue a liberal arts education.

To date, there are 287 organizations engaged in Teagle Foundation’s initiatives in 35 states.  54% are 4-year institutions, and 29% are minority-serving institutions.

Period of Commitment

Year 1 - 2017-2018:               A.S. Entrepreneurship (pilot program)

Year 2 - 2018-2019:               

A.S. in Accounting Technology

*  Fall term 2018:                    

Plan and develop  

*  Spring term 2019:                                           

Implement and study.  Share experience within the College and potentially at conferences

Year 3 - 2019-2020:               

A.S. in Accounting Technology

A.S. Business Administration  

A.S. in Transportation and Logistics

Fall term 2019:                    Plan and develop

*  Spring term 2020: 

Implement and study. Share experience within the College and potentially at conferences




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