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About This Website

Welcome to the Service Learning Activity Project (SLAP) student guide. MDC students participating in a service learning program guided by the Kendall Campus Learning Resources Support Lab agency can find SLAP program orientation and resources in this guide. 

If you have not yet registered your project with the Institute for Civic Engagement and Democracy, please complete the following steps:

1.  Go to:
2.  Click "Register Your Service"
3.  Log in with your MDC username and password
4.  Select "Start a New Service-Learning Application"
5.  Select the class in which you will be doing your service learning project, then select "Proceed to Agency Selection"
6.  Find "MDC Kendall Campus Learning Resources Support Lab" and submit your application
7.  Print out your Service Learning Contract and Hour Report sheet
8.  Complete the required information
9.  Submit for signature

‚ÄčOpen the document below for detailed instructions on how to register and submit your Service Learning Contract.

Learning Resources Representatives


Leslie Alfonso

SLAP Coordinator

Room: 2119-04


Phone: (305) 237-2223

Roxana Ferraro


Room: 2120

Phone: (305) 237-0851

Hector Carballosa


Room: 2120

Phone: (305) 237-0851

Alvaro Quintana


Room: 2120

Phone: (305) 237-0851

About The Service Learning Activity Project (SLAP)

THE SEARCH PHASE (week 1 and 2)

  • SEARCH the ICED website for the agency: MDC Kendall Campus Learning Resources Support Lab.
  • Use the resources on the MDC Libraries website to RESEARCH the specific aspect of the virus assigned to each group member as explained in the library instruction session.

THE SHOW PHASE (weeks 3 and 4)

  • SHOW your findings by creating a presentation.
  • SHOW graphs, charts, and images for use in the group's presentation, flyers, poster board, or social media page. Emphasis on group work.

THE SHARE PHASE (weeks 4 and 5)

  • SHARE your group's presentation, flyers, scientific board, and interactive theme with a Learning Resources representative.  
  • SHARE your findings with the Kendall Campus community at an upcoming event, such as the Health and Sustainability Showcase.

- - - - - Week 1 - - - - -Beginning of SEARCH Phase

   • Service Learning Contract- Print and deliver the 2 page Service Learning contract to the LR rep. assigned to your group

   • Topic Assignment- Assign each group member with a specific aspect of research

   • Outline- Complete an outline that provides a synopsis of your group’s research and specify each group members assignment

- - - - - Week 2 - - - --End of SEARCH Phase 

   • Topic Research- Research reliable resources

   • Content Development- Each group member creates a draft of his/her area of research

   • Extended Outline- Include each member's research and organize for presentation

- - - - - Week 3 - - - - Beginning of SHOW Phase

   • Material Development- Begin PowerPoint presentation, brochure and poster board

   • Follow Up- Obtain assistance from Learning Resources representatives

   • Finalize Research- Complete any additional research and include content as needed

- - - - - Week 4 - - - - -End of SHOW Phase

   • Finalize Materials- Finalize PowerPoint presentation, brochure and poster board

   • Rehearsal- Groups practice presentations with LR representative(s)

   • Submit Project for Review- Email your PowerPoint presentation and brochure to your LR rep. to be posted on web. Create QR Code

- - - - - Weeks 5 and 6 - - - - -SHARE Phase

   • Final Touch-ups- Complete any additions to presentation

   • Perform- Disseminate information to the MDC, Kendall Campus community

   • Adjourning Stage- Review performance 

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