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SPC1017 Research Guide: Home

This guide is designed to assist you in your research as well as how use library resources to complete your assignments.

SPC 1017 Fundamentals of Speech Communication


SPC 1017 is a survey course into the field of human communication. Students will explore the various facets of communication (e.g., interpersonal, small group, business/professional, public and mass) by applying theories, models and concepts from various relevant disciplines including psychology, sociology, communication studies, etc. to achieve an understanding of the role communication plays in our everyday lives. SPC 1017 students will engage in a variety of activities such as group projects, informative speeches and written analyses to further develop and refine their communication skills. SPC1017 satisfies three of the nine credits needed for the communication component of the A.A. degree track as well as three of the six credits required for the A.S. degree track. This course fulfills the Gordon Rule requirement that students demonstrate proficiency in college-level writing through multiple assignments. Course Description taken from Miami Dade College- Wolfson Campus English & Communications Department.

Professor M. Grossman's SPC1017 course assignment information

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