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Accudemia Overview: Home

This libguide should give a basic introduction to Accudemia.

What is Accudemia?

Learning Resources uses a data gathering web-based tool called Accudemia by Engineerica to generate reports on utilization to better serve our students.  It is important that all students sign-in to the Accudemia station when they enter the Learning Commons and sign-out when they leave.




Student Interface

When students walk up to the sign-in station this is the screen they will encounter. They swipe their MDID card or manually type in their student ID. If they are not currently enrolled, they can enter as a guest.

Why are you here?

Next students are asked to select one of their classes and a service.  Guests skip this step.

Course information is pulled from Odyssey as a nightly import. So if the student just registered, it will not show up until the next morning.

They are limited to one service per visit. We decided to keep the number of services at seven because beyond that point students need to scroll down to find the others and they never do.

Those two data points, course and service, allows us extrapolate a lot of information.


So what do these services mean?

See a Tutor - Working one-on-one or in a group with a tutor.

See a Librarian - Working one-on-one or in a group with a librarian.

Complete Lab Hours - Fulfilling the mandatory lab hours requirement for a particular course.

Use a Computer/Equipment - Using any of our technology, Internet access, scanners, printers, but not working with a tutor, librarian or completing lab hours.

Attend a Class/Workshop/Orientation - Visiting our space or a structured session with the whole class.

Work Independently - Using our space for studying, doing homework, research, reading, but not working with a tutor, librarian, or completing lab hours.

English Discipline Services

Help for an Essay - Reviewing a piece of writing with a tutor.

Help with Grammar - Working with a tutor on improving a specific skill identified by faculty.

Help with Reading -Reviewing assigned reading with a tutor for clarification and understanding.