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Hialeah Math Lab: College Prep Binder

Binder Information

All students will keep an organized notebook for class that MUST include the following sections:

  1. ¨Class Notes
  2. ¨Study Sheets
  3. ¨Homework
  4. ¨Practice Tests
  5. ¨Questions


** Class Notes & Homework
are important.


Binder Sections

Class Notes: 

Must include date, section, page and problem number where appropriate.

Study Sheets:

Contains information students find important from each chapter or section of the book or any other resources.


Must contain all practice problems completed, including textbook examples, additional text exercises, and MyMathLab exercises/homework with procedures.

Also, include date, section, page, problem number where appropriate, and problems & work of the problems.

Practice Tests:

Include: Handouts, reviews, and past exams in order to review.


Students must keep record of questions regarding any chapter of the course.