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Vietnam: Research Strategies: Step #2: Overview - Encyclopedias and Video

Resources on Asian cultures.

Getting started with books

Reference sources -like dictionaries and subject encyclopedias- provide overviews of topics, definitions, statistics, and other details. You can use them to get started on your research and narrow your topic.

Wikipedia is a Free, Open Encyclopedia

Contrary to what some people think, Wikipedia is almost as accurate as the print encyclopedia Britannica. Watch the short video below to learn how it works and how to differentiate good articles from incomplete or inaccurate ones.  Always remember that encyclopedias are a good place to start research.  You can get an overview of your topic for further research. 

YouTube is a Free, Open Video Database

Filter your results by category, duration and other features to find relevant videos on your topic. You can also browse videos in educational YouTube channels. Look for videos posted by governmental institutions, universities, and non-profit organizations, among others.  Here you will find a full range of movies from highly produced to shot by everyday people.


Oxford is an Online, Restricted Encyclopedia

Restricted information usually requires a username and password.  Information in restricted sources are often more strongly reviewed.  To use the Oxford Online Encyclopedia, you have to log in at

FMG is an Online, Restricted Video Database