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EAP1600 - Speech: "Tell Me What You Eat and I Will Tell You What You Are": Step #3: Deepen - Specialized Websites and Databases

Resources for speech class.

Tips for searching the Internet

The following are suggested keywords to use on your search:

nutrition, cuisine, food habits, food pyramid, caloric intake, "nutrition and culture"

When searching the web remember to:

  • Use the advanced search function, available from most search engines
  • Limit your search to .edu and .gov sites (domain)
  • Limit your search by format to get images or videos
  • Limit your date range to the last 3-5 years to find current information

Specialized Websites

Specialized websites with video content

Try to find more specialized videos from sources other than YouTube. PBS is an example, but in general, go for .gov, .edu. and .org sites.

Finding database articles

A database is a collection of information. Most often, in a library, this means a collection of articles--scholarly journal articles, magazine articles, and newspaper articles.

Listed below are suggested databases containing articles on your topic. Since articles are shorter and more narrowly focused than books or reference materials, they are most useful after you have narrowed your topic.

  • SIRS Researcher
  • Health and Wellness Resource Center
  • Health Source: Consumer Edition

Remember to:

  • Use Advanced Search
  • Limit search to full text articles
  • Limit date range to get the most recent publications

You can also try a basic keyword search or browse topics.

Here's a tutorial that shows you how to log in to MDC databases and use one of our databases.