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Kendall Campus Computer Courtyard: Resources

Kendall Campus computer courtyard containing general information and quick links to relevant resources for students


Software Programs 

The Kendall Computer Courtyard offers a variety of software programs that can be accessed from desktops and laptops within our area.

Adobe Master Collection CS6
(Graphic Workstations A, B, C)

  • Adobe Bridge CS6
  • Adobe Device Central CS6
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS6
  • Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit CS6
  • Adobe Extension Manager CS6
  • Adobe Flash CS6 Professional
  • Adobe Illustrator CS6
  • Adobe In Design CS6
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6
  • Adobe Stock Photos CS6

Productivity Suite - Microsoft Office 2013

  • Microsoft Office Access 2013
  • Microsoft Office Excel 2013
  • Microsoft Office InfoPath 2013
  • Microsoft Office Photo Gallery 2013
  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2013
  • Microsoft Office Publisher 2013
  • Microsoft Office Word 2013

Reading Resources - Diascriptive Reading 1, 2, 3, 4 

  • ESOL Listening (audio)
  • Super Success
  • TOEFL Mentor

Writing Resources - ESOL Listening (audio) 

  • Grammar 3D
  • Grammar Mastery
  • One Step 1

Math Resources 

  • AlgeBlaster 3
  • Intermedia Algebra

Computer competency

  • SAM 2003

Other Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Computer Courtyard used for?

The Computer Courtyard houses over 260 computers including 11 Macs and provides a variety of technological resources, hosted within a networked environment that offers to students, faculty, and staff Internet access, and multimedia facilities including scanners, printers, and a variety of software programs. Study tables are available inside the Courtyard and provide less formal environment for group study; however, group study rooms are also available.

Can students do lab hours at the Computer Courtyard?

No, lab hours are to be done at each department's lab depending on the class.

Are there any tutors in the Computer Courtyard?

There are no tutors in the Computer Courtyard. You can visit our Quick Links  section in our home page for more information about the support and tutoring services offered by other departments inside of the Computer Courtyard.

What do the Computer Courtyard staff do?

Our team is trained to assist courtyard patrons with technology issues, some software/hardware issues; basic data entry, assist during peak financial aid and registration times; reserve rooms and direct students to appropriate areas as needed.

Why can't I eat/drink at the Computer Courtyard?

Computer Courtyard Policies and Procedures state: No eating or drinking is allowed in the Computer Courtyard. Neither empty nor unopened beverage containers are allowed inside the Computer Courtyard.

How can I get a study room?

You can reserve a study room through the Study Room Reservations link.

What are the Quiet/Work zones?

Quiet/Work zones are specific areas of the Computer Courtyard designed for different uses. Quiet Zones are meant for individual work and casual study, conversations must be whispered, phones must be turned to silent and calls should be taken outside. Work Zones are meant for small group activities, softly spoken conversations and same phone rules are applied.

How do I set up my student/employee email on my phone/mobile device?

You can set up your student/employee email on your phone/mobile device following the guide for Mobile Email