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Accudemia Overview: Creating a Center

This libguide should give a basic introduction to Accudemia.

How to create a center

 Accudemia referes the room or lab you're collecting data for as a center. You can have one center for an entire room (say the Writing Center or Math Lab) or you can have a center that encompasses several rooms or spaces (Hialeah Learning Commons).

Step 1:


Step 2:


Step 3:

Step 4:

Note: When choosing  services keep in mind that students will be doing the selecting. We've found that more than 7 services isn't practical because students will not scroll down to see what else is on the list. And try not to use professional jargon that they won't understand. For example, they know they want to "see a tutor" not an Instructional Assistant Level II.

Step 5:

Done. You've got a center with services. Now all you need is for students to be able to sign-in.