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Accudemia Overview: Creating a Sign-In Station

This libguide should give a basic introduction to Accudemia.

How to create a sign-in station

Creating a sign-in station is probably the easiest function in Accudemia. And only takes 3 steps, which is good because if the power goes out the morning staff maybe have to recreate the station.

Step 1:

Note: Because the station pulls the IP address from the computer. Make sure to contact Network Services to give the station a static, dedicated IP. That way even if the computer is shut off, when it reconnects to the Internet, it'll be the same IP address.

Step 2:


Step 3:

You can have as many stations for a center. Most small labs might only need 1 or 2, but bigger Computer Courtyards may want to have more spread out around the area. As long as the location is the same reports will gather data from all the stations.

Caution: Because Accudemia is college-wide, students cannot be logged into multiple centers at the same time. For instance, if they try to sign-in at the Math Lab and then duck out and sign-in at the Writing Center what they just did is log themselves out. We've had a few students complain that they only completed 5 minutes and when pressed that admit that they tried to log-in somewhere else.