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Library Instruction about finding sources, evaluating materials, and using those materials effectively.

Instructor Goals

Develop students’ critical and creative thinking through the use of library resources and services. As students become more educated, they critically evaluate Web sources and explore more appropriate sources of information, like library databases that are available for MDC users.

At the end of the instruction sessions, students will be able to:

Distinguish the differences between: “Web Search Engines and Library Electronic Resources, Scholarly Journals
Locate in the on-line catalog call numbers for books held in the library
Identify electronic databases (i.e. EBSCOhost, Gale, Springer, ProQuest, etc.).
Identify advanced searching features in order to use databases full potential
Build topic-relevant vocabulary in order to search databases with maximum effectiveness
Select database records in order to gather assignment-appropriate resources and apply different record elements to their citation format (APA)

Parallels between the Great Recession and the Great Depression

Finding Sources

Locating Quality Material on the Internet

The Internet offers the ease of research when and where it's convenient, but may not provide the best, or even the "right" information. 

Want to know some quality sites to use for research? 

This library instruction reviews the basics of Internet searching and directs you to worthwhile search engines.  Even if you use a favorite search tool, you will learn great tips to expand your information seeking.  Find out appropriate ways to evaluate material you find on the Internet.

Subject Guide

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