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The Art & Nature Team Project: Web Resources

This information pathfinder is designed to help students with library research for the Art & Nature Project in the ARH1000 & BSC1050 Learning Community. Claudia Scalise & Chris Migliaccio, Instructors.

Prof. Scalise Recommends

Art meets Biology


Working with the Natural Environment inside and out of the Studio


Pioneer Earth Artists working in the U.S.

Elements of Art and Principles of Design





Michael Heizer’s Double Negative

Authors: Risatti, Howard

Source: Sculpture; December 2003, Vol. 22 Issue 10, p18-19, 2p

Abstract:Michael Heizer's earthwork Double Negative is discussed. This work was created on a site of barren scrub land in the Nevada Desert in 1969–70. It entailed the excavation of two 30-foot-wide, 50-foot-deep trenches that create a five-story-high artificial canyon with precisely cut vertical walls, dwarfing the human body in actual size as well as relative scale. Conceived as space created through the negation of matter, it embodies the idea that an artwork can exist outside the institution of art.


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