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Hispanic Health: Overview

CDC Vital Signs - Hispanic Health

(from CDC, Vital Signs Hispanic Health


(from CDC, Vital Signs Hispanic Health Infographic

Midterm Group Project

1 PPT presentation: 4 minute oral presentation per person, include a 1 minute video from Films on Demand on selected disease.

  1. Description and history of selected disease.

  2. Causes and symptoms of disease?

  3. Statistics and survival rates for Hispanics.

  4. Treatment and prevention of disease over the years?

  5. Conclusion

  6. Extra Credit: Interview someone who has the disease (include: sex, age when they got or were diagnosed with the disease, and how they are being treated).

*Works Cited (MLA style) must be included in presentation. Each team member should have a total of 2 sources and 1 video on the particular area they are covering. For the final group presentation, you must include a combined minimum of 5 sources and 2 videos, 2 - 3 resources must be from MDC databases, others must be from authoritative sources which have been evaluated (see Evaluation Strategies page on EAP1586 LibGuide).

*Signature of librarian and dates when he/she reviewed your presentation (comments required) showing corrections and progress toward final version (5 points of final grade).

*Stamp from Writing tutor and dates when he/she reviewed your...

  1. oral presentation video
  2. group presentation

...(comments are required) showing corrections and progress toward final version (5 points of final grade).


Sample Midtern Project - PowerPoint presentation on HIV/AIDS

Possible Keywords

Along with the name of your selected disease, disorder, or illness, here are some additional keywords to use that will aid you in conducting your research:

Etiology Origin Treatment
Epidemiology History Therapy

Selected Wesbites