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ENC 0027 - Professor Barsony: Finding eVideos

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Climate Change (37:00)

The impacts of climate change can be hard to see, but footage from the Arctic, Greenland, Iceland, Africa, the Alps, Bangladesh, India, and China shows it's all too much of a reality for the poorest and most vulnerable. View Video.

Cyberbullying: Cruel Intentions (40:28)

The teenage years have always been tough—but digital technology has raised the dangers of the social battlefield to a whole new level. This ABC News program reports on how cell phones, digital cameras, and personal Web sites encourage and amplify the frequent cruelty of teen behavior. View Video.

Gun Control (03:45)

Some parents of the victims of Sandy Hook are suing the gun manufacturer in an attempt to hold them accountable. View Video.

Immigration Orphans: How US Policy is Hurting American Kids (08:33)

More than 100,000 American children are affected by parental deportations each year. These deportations can have devastating consequences for children; apart from the emotional and psychological effects of losing a parent, these children often end up in financially perilous situations or are even placed in foster care. Vew Video.

Same Sex Marriage (04:21

Homosexuals discuss marriage as a social and legal institution. Men and women discuss the influence of Proposition 8 on the gay community.  View Video.

Rethinking the Death Penalty (22:29)

Some mistakes are fixable. Wrongful conviction and subsequent execution is not. In this program, ABC News correspondent John Donvan traces the history of the death penalty in the U.S. since 1935...  View Video. 

Think b4 u Post: Your Reputation and Privacy on Social Networking Sites (21:31)

A person normally wouldn’t shout out the details of a secret hookup or give a credit card to a total stranger and say “Max it out for me.” Yet as this video playfully points out, in effect that’s what people do when they post indiscreetly on social networking sites or are duped by phishing scams. View Video.