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BSC 3930 - Professor Margolin: eVideos

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Microbiology Studies (03:29)

Mike Taylor studies how bacteria in the stomach alter brain chemistry. Hill believes that by participating in the study, she will help another family in the future. She is aware these treatments most likely will not be used on Claude.  View Video.

The Magic of Mushrooms - Full Video (51:05)


Mushroom enthusiast Professor Richard Fortey explores the strange and surprising science of fungi, unlocking the story of their evolution, their mysterious life-cycle, and their value to both the planet and ourselves.  View Video.

Social Life of Dolphins -Segment 2 (03:45)

The sun is the source of the tropical Atlantic's life, with its heat and light. The coolest month of February is still 23 degrees Centigrade. Atlantic spotted dolphins chatter in the shallows in tight-knit social groups.  View Video.

Biologists and Botanists (01:49)

Biologists use similarity and differences in living things to sort them and to get a sense of order in the natural world in order to communicate with other scientists. View Video.

Zoologists - (00:58)

Zoologists study living animals to see how they move, grow, and reproduce. They also study animal ancestry to see how animals evolve and are related. Their research benefits medicine and science. View Video.

Cell Biology: Structure, Function, and Processes Series - 4-part series, 20–22 minutes each.

They are the basic building blocks of life, but in reality there’s nothing “basic” about cells—the complex, versatile units of matter that make up all life on Earth.  View Videos.

About the Honey Bee -Segment 1 (02:58)

Learn the basics of the hive and the roles of its residents. Understand the importance of honeybees to food production to humans and learn fascinating facts about the structure and function of honeybees.  View Video.