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MKA 1021 Fundamentals of Selling: eVideos

Professor C. Cunningham

Successful Selling: Customer Service & Sales Classics - Full Video (32:31)

A Career as a Fashion Sales Associate -Segment 19 (02:09)

Sales associates are key players in fashion merchandising. A sales associate describes the responsibilities of his job and offers advice for success.  View Video.

Brilliant Public Speaking - Full Video (01:05:27)

The fear of public speaking is said to be even stronger than the fear of death. The good news is that public speaking is something that a person can learn—and excel at.     View Video.

The Marketing Plan: What is Marketing? -Segment 8 (01:51

Retail, Marketing, and Sales - Full Video (23:16)

People who love dealing with other people—and connecting them with stuff they want, in the process—are a natural for a rewarding career in retail, marketing, or sales.         View Video.

Secrets of the Sales Presentation - Full Video (20:16)

Nothing promotes buying like buy-in. How is it achieved?   View Video.