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MKA1021 Fundamentals of Selling: eVideos

Professor C. Cunningham

Successful Selling: Customer Service & Sales Classics - Full Video (32:31)

A Career as a Fashion Sales Associate -Segment 19 (02:09)

Sales associates are key players in fashion merchandising. A sales associate describes the responsibilities of his job and offers advice for success.  View Video.

Brilliant Public Speaking - Full Video (01:05:27)

The fear of public speaking is said to be even stronger than the fear of death. The good news is that public speaking is something that a person can learn—and excel at. This video features top speakers and public speaking coaches who share their superb advice on how to speak confidently in any situation. Topics include choosing your subject, preparation, rehearsal, dealing with nervousness, dress codes, keeping the audience’s interest, timing, delivery style, building rapport, coping with mistakes, PowerPoint, and more. This is the definitive step-by-step guide to an inspired presentation!  View Video.

The Marketing Plan: What is Marketing? -Segment 8 (01:51

Retail, Marketing, and Sales - Full Video (23:16)

People who love dealing with other people—and connecting them with stuff they want, in the process—are a natural for a rewarding career in retail, marketing, or sales. This program spends some quality face time with a retail sales manager, a merchandise manager, and a distribution manager; a marketing manager, a promotions manager, and a public relations specialist; and an advertising sales agent, a real estate agent, and an e-commerce specialist. View Video.

Secrets of the Sales Presentation - Full Video (20:16)

Nothing promotes buying like buy-in. How is it achieved? This program narrated by Bob Kimball—author of the American Marketing Association’s popular AMA Handbook for Successful Selling and professor of marketing at the University of West Florida—answers that and other questions as it examines the sales presentation, from start to finish. Topics covered include properly using open- and closed-ended questions; identifying the benefits most dear to the prospect; uncovering unmet needs or dissatisfactions; getting the prospect involved in the presentation; and closing on every point of agreement.  View Video.