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SLS 1505: College Survival Skills: eVideos

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Information Literacy: The Perils of Online Research (21:37)

In a world of information overload, information literacy has become a survival skill. But what exactly does information literacy mean? With a focus on the Internet, this video explains how to conduct solid online research by collecting information in an organized, efficient, and ethical way.  View Video.

Making Great Career Choices (21:39)

Deciding on a career path is a complex task. The activities you enjoy, your abilities, personal values, personality type and working style all influence the career that would be most suitable for you. View Video.

Note-Taking (02:59)

Developing a personal system for taking notes is an effective study strategy that helps students succeed. A student shares note-taking strategies including mapping and outlining.  View Video.

Time Management Tools (05:06)

Academic success requires time management. Three tools can help college students successfully manage time and achieve goals: a term calendar, a weekly schedule, and a daily to-do list.  View Video.

Setting Goals for Success in College (04:01)

Reading Improvement (11:37

Reading rate and comprehension can mean the difference between success and failure to students.  View Video.

Studying and Test-Taking (09:15)

Studying is a process, not a last-minute event. It takes strategy to consistently make the grade—both before a test and during. View Video.

Stress Management (09:30)

Stress, when carefully managed, can actually facilitate academic achievement.         View Video.