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POS 2041 American Federal Govt. - Professor Silva: eVideos

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Water -Segment 16 (02:28)

The Green Revolution is living on borrowed water. Many farms must irrigate with salt water; chemically farmed soil cannot hold onto the water.  View Video.

Poverty in America (6 Parts) Series (32–86 minutes each).

Combining scholarly analysis with a human-centered approach, this six-part series looks at the causes and effects of economic hardship in the United States while suggesting ways for society to combat the cycle of poverty. Situational, multigenerational, elder, and child poverty are all addressed through conversations with those who know economic hardship firsthand, while immigration issues and homelessness are also examined in depth.     View Video.

Education Inequality -Segment 8 of 24 (02:49)

Heilig states that inequality is built into the education system and charter schools exacerbate it. Robinson believes we need to fix public school systems to address inequality and charter schools can do the same thing. Heilig agrees, but argues that charter schools must be transparent and accountable; Allen states that charter schools do not need fixing. View Video.

My City, Your City: A Senegalese Mayor Fights Sea Level Rise - Full Video (25:46)

During the annual rainy season in Saint-Louis, one of Senegal’s largest cities, thousands of people face upheaval from flood devastation linked to rising sea levels. There are no funds to build a cement sea wall, so the city dumps garbage along its waterfront in an attempt to shield itself.  View Video.

Sea Level Rise -Segment 4 of 14 (01:17)

Andy Bell of the British Biosphere reserve uses LIDAR, a technique combining laser beams and radar, to predict how global warming will affect the coast. He explains how a project creating salt marshes from grazing land addresses the issue.  View Video.

Obvious Poverty: America's Homeless - Full Video (31:45)

Stereotypes tell us it’s easy to spot the homeless—after all, life on the street tends to leave a mark on people. But is a “homeless profile” really meaningful? In today’s economy a man in a business suit might well be living in his car; and besides, to those in society’s upper echelons, homelessness is often invisible.  View Video.

Causes of Human Trafficking -Segment 13 of 18 (01:38

Poverty and even trade policies are root causes of migration and human trafficking. Traffickers prey on people in desperate situations to profit from a demand for cheap labor and commercial sex.  View Video.