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MNA 1345 - Professor Johnson: eVideos

Basic Job Skills -Segment 1 of 8 (00:50

Career Advantage: Strategies for Success (26-part series, 27–29 minutes each)

This 26-part series guides students through the three phases of career development: self-knowledge and exploration, career and educational exploration, and career planning and implementation. As students create a step-by-step work-search strategy based on personal background, life goals, and current and potential skills, they will also observe a variety of people in the workforce who describe their experiences, decisions, and ambitions.  View Videos.

Get Hired and Go: The Complete Guide To Getting a Job and Doing It Right ( 6-part series, 26–30 minutes each)

Finding the right job involves so many different steps and strategies that it’s almost impossible to know where to start. This six-part series helps lay out a clear path to fulfilling employment, beginning with the self-assessment needed to begin the journey and culminating in the best ways to settle into a new and rewarding position—whether it’s in an office or in the trades. View Videos.

Playing Your Part: Keys to a Successful Workplace Environment (2-part series, 20–23 mins each)

This two-part series explores ways in which the workplace can be made more enjoyable for employees, and hence more productive for the business as a whole. Focusing on communication skills and teamwork, the programs use dramatizations to illustrate concepts of sensitivity to diversity, and good coworker relationships.  View Videos.

Professionalism 101: Skills to Succeed and Advance at Work ( 3-part series, 25 minutes each)

With tips and advice from career counselors, human resources reps, new employees, and seasoned business professionals, this three-part series takes a commonsense approach to the details of job success. View Videos.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs: Introduction -Segment 1 (01:03)

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs - Full Video (26:02)

This program explores how Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory relates to such disciplines as business, nursing, and psychology. The program examines needs relating to physiology, security and safety, belonging and love, esteem, and self-actualization. View Video.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs - Full Video (01:06)

Author and management expert Kenneth H. Blanchard talks about Abraham Maslow's "hierarchy of needs" concept and how it applies to management. Blanchard argues that when workers are well paid, have job security, and enjoy good working conditions, the organization can then focus on what he calls social esteem needs. View Video.

Motivational Theory - Full Video (18:20)

What motivates us? Why are some more motivated than others? Knowing what motivates people, and keeping them motivated, is essential in business. This film explores motivation and some influential modern theories (including Maslow's Hierarchy), and catches a glimpse of how they play out in the real world. A number of different companies are used as case studies and owners, operators and managers from business and industry provide an insight into how motivation plays out in the workplace. View Video.