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InterAmerican Learning Commons: Writing, Speech, and Reading Tutoring: Meet the Tutors

Teresa Cusidor

Hi there! I've been a Reading, Writing, and Speech Tutor for 3 years. I completed my Associate's in Arts at Miami Dade College in English Literature and Education. During my tutelage, I've experienced working with students from all levels of English comprehension, Literature, Communications and advanced interdisciplinary courses. A part of this experience encompassed also working with professors as facilitators for in-classroom workshops for student success. As well as working for the college, I like to involve myself in community and civic engagement. I believe part of educating yourself is becoming active in your community's needs and deficits. My goal as a tutor is to help students realize their potential, in and outside of the classroom, and their vast amount of opportunities to become the best versions of themselves. 

Tayra Ichino

Hello! I have been teaching for twenty-one years. I started out as an English teacher at the middle school level; also, for the past twenty years, I have been teaching English at the high school level. I have a Bachelor’s degree in English and a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership. My area of expertise is American literature with emphasis on reading and writing, along with SAT/ACT preparation. I feel that one of my greatest strengths is my creativity, which allows me to provide my students with a variety of assessments that allow them to showcase their talents. As a former Miami Dade College student, I am always looking forward to helping students excel in their reading and writing skills at this wonderful institution.

Philip Peevy

Hi all! I possess an associate degree in Secondary English Education and a bachelor's degree in Journalism/Mass Communication. I have worked as an English composition tutor for 20 years. During this time, I tutored college pupils in a wide range of writing tasks, including writing assignments for criminal justice, nursing, international business, and education courses (up to the master's level). I specialize in teaching grammar, literary analysis, basic essay composition, and research paper writing skills (APA and MLA).

Zoraida Pastor

Hello! I have been tutoring for over five years; I have been teaching English Language Arts for about two years. I specialize in grammar usage and flow, as well as literary analysis. My speciality is poetry. I love helping students form thesis statements, and I love teaching them how to better organize their essays. I am well-versed in APA, MLA, and AP style of writing, as well. 

Anaridia Burgos

Hi! I am one of the reading, writing, and speech tutor in the Interamerican campus. My passion has always been to help students succeed, and tutoring has allowed me to do that.  My specialties are formatting essays and developing outlines. If you are stuck or need assistance with starting your essays, I would love to help you put your ideas together.

Susan J. Grupper

Hi there! I am currently a Lab Instructor in the Learning Commons of the InterAmerican Campus, but have also taught a number of classes here at Miami Dade College, including Reading, SLS, ENC 1090, and Continuing Education classes in: Intensive English, Conversation, and Accent Reduction. I have served our students as an instructor, a lab instructor in front of a class, assisting an Instructor as an embedded tutor, and tutoring students individually or in small groups.  In all of these capacities, I have seen my role as assisting the students in the areas of communication (reading and writing) in which they are weak and encouraging them to keep on trying.

Veronica Alvarez

Hello! I am a reading, writing, and speech tutor at Miami Dade Interamerican Campus. I am currently a student at the School of Education, and am planning to be a secondary level English literature teacher. My specialties include English composition, literary analysis, and grammar. I can also help with SOE portfolios. Despite just starting as a PT tutor, I have background in revising essays, and write as a hobby. I am very excited to meet you all and have a great school year!