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InterAmerican Learning Commons: Writing, Speech, and Reading Tutoring: Preparing for Tutoring Session

We are in the Learning Commons ready to answer all of your questions. We know college is challenging, but your embedded tutor and the other tutors are here to help. We want you to succeed. So what are you waiting for? Lets get to work!

Time Management

1. Set goals for yourself- Make a list of your assignments with the deadlines. Make a note of how much 

Preparing for tutoring session

Develop simple well-planned goals- Our sessions focus on improvement not perfection. We want the student to develop skills to last for the rest of his/her academic and professional careers.

Bring together all available academic documents- Come prepared to each session having completed the required reading, research, a hard copy of your completed assignment or outline, and all other handouts required to complete the assignment.

As needed, organize a game plan for future sessions- Not everything will be covered in one simple session. Writing is all about the process and honing your critical thinking skills takes time. Have regular sessions with tutors to continue growing as a scholar.

Study Tips