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Human Growth and Development


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Human Growth and Development

In the context of the physical development of children, growth refers to the increase in the size of child, and development refers to the process by which the child develops his or her psychomotor skills.  Read More.

Cognitive Development

Cognitive development is the development of thought processes, including remembering, problem solving, and decision making, from childhood through adolescence to adulthood.  Read More.

Emotional Development

Emotional development refers to the process by which infants and children begin developing the capacity to experience, express, interpret, and understand emotions.  Read More.


In humans, puberty is the period of physical development when sexual reproduction can first take place. It is characterized by maturity of the sexual organs and the development of secondary sexual characteristics (such as the deepening of a boy's voice or the development of a girl's breasts).  Read More.

Social Competence

Social competence is the condition of possessing the social, emotional, and intellectual skills and behaviors needed to succeed as a member of society. Despite this simple definition, social competence is an elusive concept because the skills and behaviors required for healthy social development vary with the age of the child, the demands of particular situations, and the values of different cultures.  Read More.

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