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Mobile Email - Miami Dade College: Employee Apple

Step by step instructions on how to set up your student/employee email on your mobile device. Administrator: Geronimo Gibson. Credits:

Employee Apple

How do I configure my iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch with the college's employee email system?

NOTE: These instructions have been verified to work with iOS version 4.3.3.

1. Go to Settings


2. Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars

3. Select Add Account... 

4. Select Microsoft Exchange

5. Enter your Exchange account information:

  • Email: <>
  • Domain: MDCC
  • Username: <your username> (do not add
  • Password: <your password>
  • Description: MDC

6. Select Next

7. Verify as the Server

8. Select Next 

9. Select the information you would like to sync


10. Select Save

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