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Business-Library Resources: Instruction

Teaching Information Literacy & Research Skills

You can help your students develop effective research skills--information literacy--in the following ways:

  • Schedule a classroom session with a librarian. Note: this link requires you to log in with your MDC credentials.
  • Embed a librarian in your class.
  • Require appointments with librarians.
  • Develop challenging research assignments with the aid of a librarian.
  • Develop a LibGuide tailored to your class.
  • Link LIS1001 or LIS2004 to your course as a Learning Community.
  • Advertise and use the MDC Learning Resources on Facebook page.

To request a class session, complete this request form. To speak to a librarian about developing assignments, creating a LibGuide or having someone embedded in your course, contact your campus library.

What is Information Literacy

With information coming at us from an unprecedented variety of sources, developing the ability to think critically about the information we use and share has become increasingly important, and increasingly challenging.

clip art of a woman with several balls representing different types of information surrounding her head

The Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) defines Information literacy as the set of integrated abilities encompassing:

  • The reflective discovery of information.
  • The understanding of how information is produced and valued.
  • The use of information in creating new knowledge and participating ethically in communities of learning.

For more information, see ACRL's Information Literacy Framework

More Best Practices

As a professor, and as an expert in your field, you already know how to design assignments that reinforce the concepts you introduce in class. If your assignments include a research component, you can also help your students develop information literacy skills.

Whatever the activity, you will want to be aware of best practices for incorporating information literacy into the assignments you create. This document shares some helpful tips and you can see the infographic for it below.