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Teaching and Learning Resource Repository: Home

Welcome to the Teaching and Learning Resource Repository!

One of the goals of the Faculty Institute of Teaching and Learning (FITL) is to provide the MDC-EPC faculty with resources that will support them in meeting the diverse learning needs of their students.

The Teaching and Learning Resource Repository serves as an additional resource of best practices, sample modules and lesson plans, and instructional tools that will support and supplement your classroom instruction.


Mission Statement

The Faculty Institute of Teaching and Learning (FITL) is committed to enhancing and improving the educational experiences of our diverse student population through the implementation of researched-based, and student-centered instructional methodologies. The Institute supports faculty in the  enhancement and refinement of their current instructional practices and provides support as they expand their instruction repertoire.  Our students are unique and we are here to help provide them with quality postsecondary learning experiences that will contribute to their academic success.