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Miami Dade College, Hialeah Campus

Miami Dade College Hialeah Campus

The Engine of Progress

The Miami Dade College’s Hialeah Campus offers a robust selection of courses for students to achieve their academic goals. Whether it's starting with the English for academic purposes or non-credit programs for students who want to improve their professional skills, or choosing from an array of disciplines in which a student can earn a transfer degree. Students can partake in innovative programs such as business, technology, pre-nursing and pre-health science. Day, evening, weekend and hybrid classes are available throughout the year.

President's Office

Dr. Anthony Cruz
Campus President, MDC Hialeah Campus

Ms. Lynn Larose
Administrative Assistant, MDC Hialeah Campus
As the Campus President, I am committed to the college-wide vision and mission, and communicate that mission and vision to internal and external stakeholders. I am accountable for key outcomes related to the strategic leadership of a campus, I serve as the head of the campus management team, and as a member of the College leadership team, aligning campus goals and activities to the overall mission and vision of the College.
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As the Administrative Assistant, I provide support to the Campus President to implement various projects and initiatives. My strong organizational skills ensure the effective operation of the office. I also manage communications on behalf of the Campus President’s Office and assist other departments as me


Deans' Offices

Dr. Michelle Ploetz
Dean of Faculty, MDC Hialeah Campus

Dr. Nelson Magaña
Dean of Students, MDC Hialeah Campus

As Dean of Faculty, I am here to serve everyone and everything academic at the Hialeah Campus. I love talking about professional development opportunities for faculty and looking for ways to make learning experiences even more dynamic for our students.
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As Dean of Students, I am responsible for directing all student related activities. I also serve as an integral member on College and Campus leadership teams.

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Ms. Tiffany Nicholson
Assistant Dean of Faculty & Student Services, MDC Hialeah Campus



As Assistant Dean, I oversee the academic petition process, handle student complaints/issues, coordinate the grade appeal process, investigate disciplinary issues, and serve as a resource for students, faculty, and staff who are unsure about where to go or who to contact for assistance.

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Student Services

Dir. Jacob Shilts
Director of Student Services, MDC Hialeah Campus

Dir. Andrea Nicholson
Director of Admissions, Registration & Financial Aid, MDC Hialeah Campus

I am the Advisement & Career Services Director and Interim Student Services Director. As the Advisement & Career Services Director, I oversee a team of advisors that help students with major and career exploration, completing their MAPs, registering for classes and guiding them from onboarding through graduation. As Student Services Director, I oversee areas that include Advisement & Career Services, ACCESS, Testing & Assessment and a team of Pre-College Advisors (Recruitment).

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The role of the Director of Admissions & Registration and Financial Aid is to oversee the daily operations of two key areas in Student Services. My team and I ensure that records, such as admissions applications, Florida Residency for tuition purposes, FAFSA applications, and financial aid verification documents are accurately reviewed and processed in a timely manner. We assist and promote financial resources available for students to facilitate with graduation. The Admissions and Registration Department can also assist students in record changes and diploma requests.

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Dir. Dianne Valdivia
Director of Advisement and Career Services, MDC Hialeah Campus

Dir. Ryan Small
Director of Student Life, MDC Hialeah Campus

I am the Advisement & Career Services Director and work with a team of advisors that help students with major and career exploration, MAP completion, class registration, and guidance from onboarding through graduation. We are here to support student success as you navigate MDC. Whether you plan to transfer, join the workforce, or gain new skills, Advisement & Career Services is ready to serve you.

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As Student Life Director, I am committed to connecting students to the Hialeah campus community through our various clubs and organizations. Through intentional programming and events, I strive to assist students in developing leadership skills necessary to take them to the next level. 
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Dir. Corrinne Lockamy
Director of Access Services, MDC Hialeah Campus

Dir. Heba El Tall
iCED Director, MDC Hialeah Campus

As Director of Access Services, I am responsible for the overall operation and management of ACCESS (Disability Services), including hiring, supervising, and evaluating personnel; preparing and maintaining budgets, and overseeing the provision of auxiliary aids, services, and program modifications for students with disabilities. I lead campus initiatives that promote awareness of disability issues, accessibility, and inclusion as well as provide technical assistance to all campus divisions in complying with applicable county, state, and federal laws.
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As the Hialeah Campus Director of the Institute for Civic Engagement and Democracy (iCED), I lead and oversee campus operations for the Institute. The position is responsible for managing the campus’ academic service-learning program, the Civic Action Scorecard, voter engagement, the FWS America Reads program, student volunteerism, as well as a myriad of other community engaged learning programming and events. I also develop and foster community partnerships and promote civic engagement and changemaking at the College.
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Ms. Hilda Aviles
Outreach Coord Single Stop, MDC

Mr. Gabriel Lamas
Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Citrus Health

As the Outreach Coordinator, I serve two campuses through the Single Stop department as a highly motivated and compassionate student advocate with a holistic approach. My position focuses on being the one-stop source for students and immediate family members to connect to public benefits and local resources throughout their educational journey.

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I am the therapist at MDC Hialeah Campus providing students with counseling services. I work hard to ensure that students have a positive counseling experience in which they are listened to. I operate from a solution-focused, strengths-based, perspective in my counseling sessions. I believe every student has strengths and the potential to do great things. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you believe one of your students may benefit from my services. I would love to work together to ensure our students maximize their potential!

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Academic Services

Dr. Caridad Castro
Chairperson of Liberal Arts & Sciences, MDC Hialeah Campus

Ms. Liliana Cobas
Chairperson of World Languages & Communication, MDC Hialeah Campus

As the Department Chairperson, I provide academic leadership to the Department of Liberal Arts and Sciences. I work closely with faculty and staff to develop innovative programs that leverage the knowledge of our faculty to develop academic growth for students. I deeply value what adjuncts bring to our campus community and I look forward to working closely with you during the academic year.

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As Chair for the World Languages and Communication Department, I oversee English for Academic Purposes (EAP), Speech Communication and English courses. Having been adjunct faculty for years before I took this position, I am well aware of the importance of the role of the Department Chair in supporting all faculty, and in facilitating communication between faculty and students. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me whenever you have questions or need assistance.

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Mr. Charles Williams, III
Chairperson, Business, Engineering & Technology, MDC Hialeah Campus

Ms. Youdaris Mira
Chairperson of Continuing Education, MDC

I provide academic leadership to the Business and Engineering and Technology Departments and serve as an integral member of the College and Campus administrative team. I help facilitate learning, quality teaching, scholarships and services. I also provide support and advice in the collective bargaining agreement.
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I am the Chair of the School of Continuing Education and Professional Development. The role of the Chair is to provide oversight of the School's operation at the campus level, ensuring service to students across program areas. The mission of the School is to create high-quality workforce training, adult education programs, and personal enrichment courses that are accessible to the community. The School provides innovative educational experiences that align with the needs and interests of industry and life-long learners of all ages.

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Dir. Alexander Hernandez
Director of Learning Resources, MDC Hialeah Campus

Dir. Dora Mejia-Montoya
Director of Testing & Assessment, MDC Hialeah Campus

As the Director of Learning Resources, I provide a strategic vision and leadership for the campus library and multi-disciplinary academic support labs. I work effectively with faculty, administrators, and staff across the campus in support of the College’s mission by facilitating student support services.

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The Testing and Assessment Director is responsible for the overall operation and management of the Testing and Assessment Department. As the director, I facilitate opportunities for students to advance towards their educational goals, serve the college community and the public in general. I also work with schools in the service area as well as with faculty, administrators and staff to ensure a smooth transition for new and prospective students to the College. Feel free to reach out to me and visit Testing.

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Campus Services

Dir. Andrea Forero
Director of Campus Administrative Services, MDC Hialeah Campus

Dir. Monica Jeffries
Director of Campus Services, MDC Hialeah Campus

My position is responsible for overseeing several areas which may include supervising the campus budget, facilities, security, custodial, the duplicating center, network services, media services, and computer operations.

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In my role as Director of Campus Services, I oversee Public Safety, Custodial Services and Event Services. My team and I work to ensure the safety of the campus and the cleanliness of campus and large scale events. We are here to support any of these areas for faculty, staff, and students.

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Dir. Juan Villegas
Director of Network & Media Services, MDC Hialeah Campus

Chief Kelsey Evans
Public Safety Chief, MDC Hialeah Campus

As Director, I am responsible for the operation of the Network & Media Services department. This department is responsible for the maintenance of all computer equipment on campus, as well as the printed advertising materials and digital signage in the lobby and around the campus. The department also handles the technical support needs for special events and outdoor activities.

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As the Chief of Public Safety, my team and I ensure the safety of the campus on a day-to-day basis. We are a critical component in supporting all campus-wide services. You can find us at the campus main entrance, please stop by and say hi!

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