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2021 National Disability Awareness Month


Perfectly Able Book Cover

More than 22 million of the almost 173 million working-age individuals in the United States have one or more disabilities. Perfectly Able offers practical guidance for companies large and small on how to hire and retain talented and motivated people from within this largely untapped pool of potential employees.


This eBook presents a complete career and planning guide for people with physical or mental disabilities.


Careers for People With Disabilities Cover Book

Deaf and hard of hearing people are increasingly found in mainstream professions, doing successful jobs and finding fulfillment in life.  This eBook will help you figure out what is your best career goal.


Brain Injury and Returning to Employment book cover

This eBook provides a clear overview of the cognitive and psychological difficulties associated with brain injury and discusses how people affected by it can prepare for and remain in employment.


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National Disability Employment Awareness Month 2020 Poster

Increasing Access and Opportunity poster

Your LibGuide Author

Manuel Gonzalez

Manuel Gonzalez

My name is Manuel Angel Gonzalez.  I was born in Havana Cuba, and I came to Miami as a child 59 years ago.

I graduated from Immaculate Lasalle High School, MDC Kendall Campus, and the University of Miami.

I have worked as a professional musician (guitarist), accountant, boom operator & sound mixer in the film industry.  At the present time, I work part-time at MDC North Campus Learning Resources.  I am 68 years old and a cancer survivor.

Gabriel Lopez Katafi

Gabriel Lopez T.

My name is Gabriel Lopez Katafi.  I am from Honduras.  I moved to Miami in 2009.  I was born with retinitis pigmentosa which is a genetic condition that progressively degenerates the retina and causes vision impairments.  I studied Marketing and International Trade at MDC North Campus, and I earned a master’s degree in Business Administration from Barry University.  I started working at the North Campus Access Services department as a part-time adaptive technology specialist in 2017. I assisted students with disabilities with adaptive technology like screen readers or magnification for their computers and special software that reads books out loud. Now, I am a full-time Access Resource advisor at the North Campus Access Services department.

Leonardo Salinas

Leo Salinas

My name is Leonardo Salinas.   I am from Nicaragua.   I had meningitis when I was 6 months old.  I came to The U.S.A. when I was 13 years old.  I earned a College Credit Certificate in Business Specialist-Finance from Miami Dade College in 2005.  I have been working at Miami Dade College since 1992.  My first job at Miami Dade College was at the North Campus Math department.  I answered the phone, received and sent faxes, and helped faculty members and students.  Then, the Math department transferred me to the Math Lab to work as a part-time math tutor. 

Effective Job Search for People with Disabilities

Effective Job Search for People with Disabilities

A Woman is searching for jobs online

For anyone who thinks “disabled” means “unemployable,” this video quickly dispels that myth and shows how to begin the job-hunting process by identifying skills, strengths, and interests.

Windows Accessibility

Learn more about built-in Windows accessibility features and their use as a job accommodation.

iPad Accessibility

Learn more about iPad accessibility features and their use as a job accommodation.

Alternative Mice

Learn more about alternatives to traditional mice and their use as a job accommodation.

Color Coding

Learn more about Color Coding and its use as a job accommodation. 

Resources & Information

JAN provides expert guidance, training, and resources to individuals and employers on all aspects of accommodations at no cost.

Commemorating 30 years of the Americans with Disabilities Act from 1990 to present.


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Hidden Talent Book cover

This eBook answers the following question:  What are the factors influencing whether people with disabilities are hired and advanced in employment? Researchers recognized that reliable and effective answers could only come from employers because primary research was needed on the “demand” side of the labor equation.