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Poetry at Padron: Word Warehouse Series

Let Padron be a place for creativity!

Word Warehouse Series

Welcome to the Word Warehouse!  Our very own house of words! 

Who We Are

The Word Warehouse is a place of creativity, where multi-platform genres come to together to collaborate and to help each other's work grow. We kickoff the series with our very FIRST Poetry Contest.

This year's contest focuses on writing to our Pre-Covid self. All students are encouraged to participate for a chance to win Digital Publishing Rights, and Amazon Gift Cards.  

Let Padrón Campus be a place for creativity! 

  Zoraida Pastor, MFA 
Poet, Tutor, Professor

Zoraida “Ziggy” Pastor is the daughter of Cuban exiles. While completing her bachelor's degrees at Florida International University, Zoraida was part of the Everglades Wilderness Writing Expedition, where local, aspiring writers learned and wrote about Everglades National Park. Her Everglades poems were exhibited at the Ernest F. Coe Visitor Center in the park.

Before her work at the College, she worked in PBS, where she  was an associate producer/production assistant and researcher for two documentaries that are now available on Netflix. The documentaries chronicle the story of the Panama Canal, from its early genesis up to its expansion. 

She was featured in Z Publishing House, Best Emerging Writers of Florida two years in a row. Zoraida is the author of “Bear Echoes,” a poetry chapbook sponsored by O, Miami and The Knight Foundation. She has several poems published in Ice on a Hot Stove: A Decade of Converse MFA Poetry, edited by Rick Mulkey and Denise Duhamel. Zoraida is a professor of English Composition at Miami-Dade College and at  Southern New Hampshire.

As part of her work for Miami-Dade college, she has led creative workshops on poetry such as "Word Gumbo" and "Erasure Poems." She has also facilitated workshops that teach students "How to Write an Annotated Bibliography," "How to Get Started Writing," and "Editing Essays," among others. 

We are all authors. Just pick up a pen and WRITE! 

In this workshop, students and participants will not only celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, but they will also prepare for Learning Resources Poetry Contest: Letter to Your Pre-Covid Self. 


This workshop combines the elements of epistolary writing (letter writing) and poetry. Participants will write poems in the form of letters. They will write a letter to their pre-covid self. We will read an example poem and work together to get ready for the Inaugural Learning Resources Poetry Workshop