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Service Learning Activity Project - Tools and Resources: FAQ's


Frequently Asked Questions

What does the group leader do?

The group leader is responsible for disseminating information to the group.  Each week, you need to stay in contact with your group leader to be sure you and your group are advancing at the proper pace in order to complete the project by the announced due date. The group leader should develop a weekly schedule with the goal of bringing his/her group together to work on the project as often as possible.

If our schedules clash, what do we do if we can’t get the entire group together?

You do not have to complete your assignments with your group, but you will need to work together to set up your outline and determine who is covering what portion of research that is required for your final group project. A portion of the 8 hours can be individual work; however, your group must come together to develop the presentation, poster board, flyers, etc, and at the time of sharing your group's findings.  Also; you can work in smaller groups, 2 or more people tackling a section; or you can get the entire group involved.

How do I sign in?

You must sign in with the front desk attendant in the Learning Resources Student Support Lab in room 2141.  You want to make contact with a Learning Resources representative, so we can guide your progress, record your time, and assist you throughout the SLAP process. It is important to meet face to face with a LR representative since we will be evaluating your level of involvement and reporting your hours to the professor.

What is expected of me once I’ve signed in?

Once signed in, you must ONLY be working on this project.  You may not earn hours working on class assignments.

What is my first step?

You need to SEARCH and print out your contracts (which you need to fill out) and your time sheets and bring them to an LR representative.  We will hold on to your time sheets until your work is completed.  Learning Resources shall turn in all time sheets directly to the professor.

How do I get started?

Your team leader will arrange a time for everyone to meet, so you can work on your outline.  This outline acts as a blueprint for your project. The outline shows the order of the various topics, the relative importance of each, and the relationship between the various parts. Be sure not to simply turn in a list of which student is assigned to which part of the research.  Show the group's outline to an LR representative so we can be sure you are on the right track.

How do I prepare for my presentation?

Once you wrap up your Powerpoint, you will need to rehearse or SHARE your presentation to an LR representative. This is an important step that allows your team to actually give the presentation in a more relaxed setting, giving you an opportunity to make changes and adjustments as needed before SHARING your presentation with the community.

Learning Resources Representatives


Leslie Alfonso

SLAP Coordinator

Room: 2119-04


Phone: (305) 237-2223

Roxana Ferraro


Room: 2120

Phone: (305) 237-0851

Hector Carballosa


Room: 2120

Phone: (305) 237-0851

Alvaro Quintana


Room: 2120

Phone: (305) 237-0851