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STEM Research Symposium 2021: Welcome

Presented by the School of Science at Miami Dade College, North Campus.


Welcome to the 10th Annual STEM Student Undergraduate Research Symposium! Open to all MDC students, the STEM Research Symposium aims to promote scholarship and research, and in particular, interdisciplinary collaborations in STEM. The goal of this annual symposium is to provide an opportunity for “future scholars” to share their explorations, discoveries, and reflections with their peers and the broader academic community.

The symposium features poster sessions, discussions sessions, and oral presentations.

This year's STEM Research symposium will be presented in a hybrid format, and will take place on Saturday, October 30th, 2021 at 9:00 am, both in-person (in room ???, North Campus) and will also be streamed live below.

10th Annual STEM Research Symposium

How to Attend the Symposium

The STEM Research Symposium team invites you to our virtual symposium on Saturday, 10/30/21 at 9:00 amYou will be able to view the live (synchronous) and pre-recorded (asynchronous) presentations. To join the live presentations, checkout our live-stream embedded on this page. You can find the pre-recorded presentations and project artifacts in the Projects page.

Agenda of Live Sessions

  • Welcome - ___
  • Morning Student Presentations - _____
  • Afternoon Student Presentations - _____

In addition, all student projects will be available on the website throughout the day to view.

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Learn More About the STEM Research Symposium @MDC

Interested in participating in the MDC STEM Student Research Symposium at North Campus?

For further information contact:

Lisa DeCastro: (305) 237-8089
Laura Iglesias: (305) 237-1276
Angel Hernandez: (305) 237-8308
Israel Sanchez
: (305) 237-1471

10th Annual Stem Research Symposium

Important Dates & Events (TBD - Placeholder)

December 7

4:30 - 5:30 pm

Fall Information Session


January 29 12:00 pm

Spring Information Session & Workshop

(Recording available on Symposium Information page)


February 8

Application and Abstracts Due


February 12


Final Decisions Announced


March 10


Submission Deadline

March 19 12:00 - 1:00 pm

Symposium Rehearsal for Presenters

(select the room which corresponds with your presentation)

March 22 4:30 - 5:15 pm

Symposium Rehearsal for Presenters

(select the room which corresponds with your presentation)


March 24

9:00 am

Student Interdisciplinary Symposium

(presenters should login 15 minutes early)