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STEM Undergraduate Research Symposium 2021: Chemical Sciences

Presented by the School of Science at Miami Dade College, North Campus.

Chemical Sciences
Understanding the Importance and Utilization of Cucurbits in Science Fluorescence of Halogenated Phenols Towards Carbon Based Nanotechnology: Electrostatic Shielding and Deshielding Effects on the 13C NMR Spectra of Endohedral H+ and H- Guests Within a Buckyball Host
Jenny Blanc Lester Cabrera Valeria Cohen

Jenny Blanc is a Bachelor of Science student at Miami Dade College where she is pursuing a degree in Biological Sciences. She is part of the PTK honors society. Jenny is a STEM Ambassador and has joined the STEM AISLE program at MDC North Campus. Ms. Blanc has engaged herself in different research projects, one of them was on the role of nitrifying bacteria in Agricultural soil at UF/IFAS. She is focusing on biopharmaceutical sciences. At the end of her undergraduate studies, she aims to enter professional school.

Lester Cabrera is a Cuban American student at the University of Florida and is fascinated by fungi. He is a recipient of the Florida Pathways S-STEM Scholarship for Transfer Students in Microbiology & Cell Science. His ambitions are to attain a doctorates degree and make great discoveries in the underrepresented and often overlooked field of mycology. His experience as a Peer Led Team Leader in Miami Dade College showed him the joy that comes with teaching others; consequently, he plans to share his knowledge and experiences with others so they too can pursue their passions.

Valeria Cohen has had a lifelong interest in science and nature and is currently pursuing her Associate’s degree in Biology at Miami Dade College, Kendall Campus. Her enduring passion for science has led her to participate in an incredible research opportunity through the School of Science, under the mentorship of Dr. Servando Muñoz of the Chemistry Department. Valeria enjoys spending time outdoors and has ambitions to study medicine.

Development of Nucleobase-doped Carbon Nitride Dots for Investigation of their Mechanism of Action in Cell Division Inhibition – Part 3 Design and Development of a Potentiometric Method to Quantify Free Acid in Honey Time Series Analysis of Blockchain-Based Cryptocurrency Price Changes
Arjuna Davila Sequeira Denisse De Armas Jacques Fleischer
Arjuna Davila Sequiera was born in Nicaragua and moved to Miami at a young age. He graduated from the Coral Gables High School IB program and initially enrolled at Miami Dade College as a Pre-PA student.  Later, he chose to enroll into the Bachelor’s in Biology, Biotechnology concentration, to expand on his curiosity for science and to pursue a career in research. Denisse de Armas graduated from Miami Dade College with an Associate of Arts in Biology. During her time at MDC, she was a member of Phi Theta Kappa honor society, an officer for the Astronomy & Physics club at Homestead Campus, and a student researcher. She studied the behavior of the ionosphere with Dr. Araujo-Pradere and worked with Dr. Alan Rodriguez to redesign the CHM1045L experiments anchoring them around honey. Denisse is currently studying at Florida International University, where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Biology. Upon her completion of undergraduate studies, she intends to apply to medical school. Jacques Fleischer is a second-year undergraduate computer science major at the Miami Dade Honors College. He is an intermediate Python programmer, serving as a volunteer developer for Cloudmesh repositories. There, he writes introductory tutorials to grid computing. Jacques researches the behavior of the blockchain and cryptocurrency price fluctuations. He is currently working on analyzing the nature of spam SMS text messages. He aspires to obtain his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees while performing further research in computing.
Development of Nucleobase-doped Carbon Nitride Dots for Investigation of their Mechanism of Action in Cell Division Inhibition Predicting Miami Flooding Patterns through Tweets Using Quantum Harmonic Oscillator System to Model  Long-term Ethereum Price Volatility
Lemay Jesus Gonzalez Amanda Ibarra Nathalie Martinez
Lemay Jesus Gonzalez is an American-Cuban born in Miami, FL, and attends Miami Dade College North Campus. Living in Miami has helped him consider how he can be a positive influence on the people of his local community. He was admitted to the Dean’s list while completing a Bachelor of Science degree with a Biopharmaceuticals concentration. Improving physical health, obtaining dietary improvement knowledge, reducing substance abuse in the youth, and informing the public about potential harm are his current interests. He is currently applying to the University of Florida’s Pharmacy Program and hopes to get in for fall 2022. Lemay’s aspirations involve the accomplishment of becoming a pharmacist specializing in pharmaceutical industries, medicinal consultations, and impacting people seeking aid. Amanda Ibarra graduated from Miami Dade College Kendall Campus and earned her Associate in Arts Degree. She is currently a junior at Florida International University. She is working on her Bachelor's Degree in Biological Sciences. With her degree, Amanda plans to work in research to bring innovations into the medical field. Amanda hopes to make a difference in her community, especially during these difficult times. Eduardo Padron Miami Dade College is where Nathalie Martinez studies. She is presently in her second year and plans to graduate with her associates in May 2022 as a biology major. She is a member of the YES Club and Kappa. She hopes to receive some accolades upon graduating. Because of her academic achievements in high school, Nathalie was accepted into the Honors College program. Nathalie is interested in medicine and plans to transfer for her bachelor's degree before enrolling in four years of medical school. She aspires to have a clean and professional career while working in the pediatric sector, which she adores. She also wants to live outside of the state in the future, most likely in Europe. She aspires to assist people in need, as well as children suffering from any sort of sickness. Nathalie has a long list of goals and wishes, all of which she is working hard to realize. Her other dream is to establish her own family while working as a pediatrician and supporting her parents, who have been there for her since she was a child.
Using quantum harmonic oscillator system to model Short-term Ethereum price volatility Development of Nucleobase-doped Carbon Nitride Dots for Investigation of their Mechanism of Action in Cell Division Inhibition – Part 2 Towards Carbon Based Nanotechnology: Electrostatic Shielding and Deshielding Effects on the 13C NMR Spectra of Anionic and Cationic Buckminsterfullerene, C60
Nicole Martinez Samuel Perez Andrea Pumarol
Nicole Martinez is a student at Miami Dade College, Eduardo J. Padron Campus, where she is majoring in Biology. She is willing to transfer to an out-of-state university to finish her Bachelor's degree, such as the University of North Carolina or New York University. Nicole aspires to work as an anesthesiologist and pursue a career in medicine. Indeed, she is interested in a variety of activities that need the care and attention of little children; she enjoys assisting others and making a difference in the world as a powerful woman who can effect change. Finally, she hopes to obtain achievement awards for the clubs in which she is now involved and for which she contributes. Nicole is doing well in college and putting in long hours for a positive outcome.  Her ambition is to raise the bar and show to herself that she has the talent and abilities to achieve her goals, while also providing a positive example for others who will follow in her footsteps. Samuel Perez is a Miami Dade College student seeking his Bachelor’s in Biological Sciences. He is currently doing research at the University of Miami through the School of Science Research Institute, consisting of finding novel ways to use carbon dots with potential cancer treatments. Having worked before in a pediatric clinical setting, he has ten years of experience to rely on, yet he is also adding the valuable experience gained from a research setting. After graduation he plans to get his PhD in Biomedical Sciences at Florida International University in Miami. Eventually moving on into cancer research, complementary and alternative medicine, as well as becoming a writer tutor in academic and creative writing setting. Andrea Pumarol is 19 years old and was born in the Dominican Republic. Her major is Dietetics and Nutrition and she attended MDC from 2019- 2021. She is currently finishing her Bachelor’s at FIU. She was part of Dr. Muñoz Organic Chemistry class when he asked her to form part of his research team. In their research, they observed and studied the C60 molecule.
Synthesis of Categorized Synthesis of N-Acyl Derivatives of 3’Amino-3,4,5-trimethoxy Chalcone Cryptocurrency Price Analysis Based on Tweets  
Rui Sun Hary Usaquen  
Rui Sun, a recipient of the 2021 Honors Day Convocation Student Award for the Chemistry Discipline at MDC Wolfson Campus, is currently studying Chemical Engineering at the University of Florida. She is interested in working in the food and consumer goods industry after graduation. Her dream job is to be a Research and Development Engineer at PepsiCo. Hary Usaquen is from Colombia, Bogota D.C. where she graduated from high school. She entered MDC as an international student to study for an A.A. in Chemistry, where she graduated in the Summer of 2021. While at MDC, Hary was able to receive scholarships from the STEM Pathway to Success Program. She participated in three different research projects. She worked with Dr. Munoz, on Carbon Nanotube research, image processing and Data Analysis wit Dr. Castellanos and Dr. Gonzales, and currently on Data Analysis in Cryptocurrency with Dr. Mondesire from Saint Thomas University. Hary is now a student of Biomedical Engineering at FIU with a scholarship from the Honors Program. She wants to finish her degree at FIU and apply to Medical School for an MD/Ph.D. program as a physician-scientist.