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STEM Undergraduate Research Symposium 2021: Physical Sciences & Astronomy

Presented by the School of Science at Miami Dade College, North Campus.

Physical Sciences & Astronomy
Properties of Metallic Photonic Band Gap Material With Defect at Microwave Frequencies Ionospheric Behavior Under Quiet Geomagnetic Conditions for Eielson, a High Latitude Station, During Year 2020 Ionospheric Behavior Under Quiet Geomagnetic Conditions for Roquetes, a Mid Latitude Station, During Year 2019
Laura Conde Gineka Mena Fabiana Montiel

Laura Conde is a second-year student at Miami Dade College's Honors College, pursuing a degree in Physics (AA). She is a recipient of the Honors Fellows Award and was nominated as her high school's Science Silver Knight. In her research, Laura is focusing on photonic crystals and their optical functions, while furthering her knowledge of physics and research practices. Her interest in science stems from her passion for medicine, evident through her initiative to co-found HOSA Future Health Professionals, a thriving medical club on campus. Upon completion of her AA, she intends to transfer to a university to further her knowledge of physics and medicine, and apply to medical school.

[Bio not available.]

Fabiana Montiel is 20 years old and comes from Venezuela. Her major is Biology.  She attended Miami Dade College from 2019-2021. Fabiana is currently finishing her Bachelor's at FIU and was part of Professor Araujo's research project. This research was focused on empirical descriotionated eventual modeling of ionospheric behavior of mid-high and mid geomagnetic latitudes under quiet conditions.