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Aliens: Home

This LibGuide provides a collection of resources that contain information on aliens, alien abductions, critique and scientific skepticism of abduction accounts, and cultural, social, and mythological implications of aliens.

Aliens Among Us

Miami, November 16, 2015 - Miami Dade College’s (MDC) Padron Campus will host Aliens Among Usfrom Nov. 23 to Dec. 11, is a series of events featuring student art, discussions, presentations, and videos on literature, history, philosophy, and psychology, with the purpose of learning about the human mind, life’s place in the universe and environmental sustainability.

Natural and social scientists continue to learn about what makes a planet habitable and the chances of life developing under different circumstances, as well as how humans view the possibility of alien life and the cultural interpretations of this. New hypotheses posit that life on Earth may have extraterrestrial origins. Aliens Among Us seeks to spark questions—What is life’s place in the universe?  Are we, too, in a way alien? How would we respond to aliens?

Aliens Among Us offers a novel opportunity for the entire MDC community to explore issues of life’s place and meaning in the universe, the conditions that favor life’s development and thriving on Earth and beyond, ethical issues examining sustainability on terraformed worlds, our moral obligation to non-human intelligent species, and our obligation to Earth and our fellow global citizens as described in the Earth Charter. Accordingly, the topics of perception, prejudice, fear, and discrimination will be addressed. 

Aliens Among Us was created by Padron Campus’ faculty participating in Earth Ethics Institute’s Global Sustainability and Earth Literacy Studies (GSELS) learning network, as well as the Padron Green Team


Animated Image of aliens

Unidentified Flying object

Aliens Among Us Events

Aliens Among Us presentations and events:

The Monophobic Response

Monday, Nov. 23, 10 a.m. in Room 3103

Hosted by Liza Greenberg


We Must Have Water!

Monday, Nov. 23, 5:40 p.m. in Room 3103

Hosted by Rene Revuelta


The Psychology of Aliens

Tuesday, Nov. 24, 8:25 a.m. in Room 401

Hosted by Miriam Frances Abety


Aliens in an Ethical Universe

Tuesday, Nov. 24, 10 a.m. in Room 401

Hosted by Albert Lenel and Michael Matthews


Will Aliens Strip Mine Our Planet?

Wednesday, Nov. 25, 9 a.m. in Room 401

Hosted by Paul Tisevich


Aliens Among Us - Dialogue

Wednesday, December 2nd @ Noon in Room 3103

EPC Library Resources Presentation: Prof. Duque
Panelists: EPC Students
Moderator: Prof. Matthews


Art Exhibition

Monday, Nov. 30 to Friday, Dec. 11

Hosted by Arts Creative Force Club

The exhibition will be shown at the newly-transformed Padron Campus Display Wall outside of the Computer Courtyard, Room 1217.


For more information about Aliens Among Us and Earth Ethics Institute’s GSELS learning network at Padron Campus, please contact Mike Matthews at 305-237-6733,

For more on Earth Ethics Institute and the GSELS learning networkcollege-wide, please visit

Area 51

Photo of Area 51 sign