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Business Ethics MAN 3065 (Prof. Loubeau): Social Responsibilty & Regulatory Agencies

Ethical Behavior & Company/Customer Satisfaction

Studies show that 92% of individual investors (investors in pension funds) would prefer an ethical company over higher profit. Only 5% would prefer higher return. Research shows a strong relationship between ethical behavior of a company and customer satisfaction.

Vision 2050 by World Business Council for Sustainable Development

Under the Vision 2050 project of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), 29 WBCSD member companies developed a vision of a world well on the way to sustainability by 2050, and a pathway leading to that world – a pathway that will require fundamental changes in governance structures, economic frameworks, business and human behavior. It emerged that these changes are necessary, feasible and offer tremendous business opportunities for companies that turn sustainability into strategy.

Corporate Governance: Board of Directors

Board of Directors holds final responsibility for its firm’s success, failure, and ethicality of actions. Watch the video for what constitutes an effective Board of Directors: