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Dual Enrollment Student and Faculty Resources: FAQ

Dual Enrollment Support at Learning Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is eligible to take dual enrollment courses?

A: Students in grades 6-12 that are enrolled in Miami Dade County public schools, participating private and charter schools, or home school are eligible to participate in the MDC dual enrollment program.

Students must have:

  • A minimum 3.0 high school unweighted grade point average (GPA)
  • Passed the appropriate Reading and Writing sections of the College's Basic Skills Assessment Test (PERT or CPT), or submitted adequate SAT/ACT scores (See additional testing and placement scores information)
  • Permission from the parent/guardian, school principal and counselor
  • Met with the College dual enrollment coordinator at the campus he/she plans to attend
  • An understanding that the amount of work necessary to succeed in dual enrollment courses will be greater than in high school courses

More information available on MDC Future Students - High School Options: Dual Enrollment

Q: Are prospective college credit dual enrollment students required to take a common placement test such as the Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (PERT)?

A: Students must complete placement testing requirements. Although no specific scores are required, students must be assessed and have valid PERT, CPT, SAT or ACT scores.

To take the PERT at MDC, students must submit the PERT Placement Test Referral Form signed by the school counselor to the campus Testing Center at the time of testing.

More information available on MDC Testing and Assessment - Dual Enrollment: Procedures for Testing and Placement Criteria for Dual Enrollment Students