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Art of Bedside Care Videos

Art of Bedside Care Video Series

There are 19 episodes in this video series produced by Miami Dade College's School of Nursing.

DVDs are available in the library.

These videos are also available on iTunes. Please contact the Medical Campus Library (305-237-4129) for assistance with iTunes.

Topics include:
  • washing hands,
  • using protective precautions,
  • using correct body mechanics,
  • making a bed,
  • using special measures and devices for comfort,
  • giving a complete bed bath,
  • giving a partial bed bath,
  • providing for personal care,
  • assisting clients to move in bed,
  • moving out of bed,
  • providing for maximum assistance with moving,
  • assisting with crutches and walkers,
  • assisting with casts and traction,
  • turning clients with severe restrictions in mobility,
  • providing for prenatal care,
  • providing for care during labor and delivery, and
  • providing for newborn care.

Nurse Theorists' Videos

For username and password, please ask at the Library Service Desk or call (305) 237-4129.

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