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Poetry at Padron: Poetry Contest

Let Padron be a place for creativity!

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The deadline has been extended to Nov. 15th!

Contest Information

Poetry Contest Information 

This is a free contest; there is no fee to participate. This contest is open to all Miami Dade College Students.  Poems must be submitted to your social media accounts and tagged with #MDC2021PoetryContest by November 15th. Accounts must be set to public. You also have the option to email your poem to  Winners will be announced November 22nd, 2021.  

Submission Instructions

To participate, write a letter poem. The letter poem can be addressed to anyone: from yourself, to your professor, to your employer, your family, and beyond. Write a letter to a place that you miss, a restaurant, a cafeteria, or a location that you miss. Draw on your memories of individuals and physical space as your inspiration for your letter poem.  

Dig back to your pre-COVID-19 days. What has changed? What remains? Write from that place.   

Poems are encouraged in any language; however, poems submitted must be in English. Poems written in another language must be accompanied by an English translation. Miami English is welcomed.  

Be creative in your poem submission. We encourage you to record a video of yourself reading the poem and explain your inspiration for it. Share any pictures or scenes that inspired your work.   

Be sure to use the #MDC2021PoetryContest on your favorite social media platforms.    

Contest Rules

  1. Poem must be an original work by the person entering the contest.  

  1. Students can make multiple submissions.  

  1. Poems are encouraged in any language. However, poems written in another language must be accompanied by an English translation. Miami English is welcomed.   

  1. Poems with language that contains hate speech or could be deemed offensive, and wholly inappropriate language will not be accepted. If you’re going to cuss – don’t do it to shock.  

  1. When sharing your poem on social media, do not include your name or any other identifiable information in the poem.  

  1. Submit your poem using your social media account (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and tag it with #MDC2021PoetryContest. Submissions not tagged with #MDC2021PoetryContest or tagged incorrectly will not be considered.  

  1. Winners will be contacted through their social media account direct messages (DMs) and will be posted to the Padron Campus Instagram account and Learning Resources Facebook Page.  

  1. Individuals who do not wish to post their poem on social media can submit their poetry to  

  1. By submitting your original poetry to the MDC Poetry Contest, you certify that the poem(s) that you have entered into this contest is/are original to you. You also grant permission for first publication to MDC to publish your work in the MDC Digital Commons and share on MDC social media sites.  

The deadline has been extended to Nov. 15th!

Contest Prizes & Judges


This contest is open to all current MDC students at any MDC campus. Prizes will be awarded to the top three winners:  

  1. 1st Place: Amazon Gift Card ($50 Amazon Gift Cards) + Pandemic Care Package + Publication in MDC Digital Commons   

  1. 2nd Place: $25 Amazon Gift Card + Publication in MDC Digital Commons   

  1. 3rd Place “People’s Choice:” $25 Amazon Gift Card + Publication in MDC Digital Commons. This prize will be awarded to the submission that gets the most “likes” across platforms as of the final submission date.  


Three judges will evaluate submissions: Prof. Omar Figueras and tutors Zoraida Pastor and Ismael Santos. A rubric will be used to assess each poem on originality, medium, quality of poem, and quality of delivery on a 1-3 scale. If a tiebreaker is needed, the panel will approach a faculty member at Padrón Campus.