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Poetry at Padron: Get Help Writing Your Poem

Let Padron be a place for creativity!

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Padrón Campus Learning Resources tutors are leading multiple workshops to help you write your winning poem. 

You can come to any of these sessions with your poem or without it. We'll help you develop it. 

You are cordially invited to our Poetry Contest Online Writing Workshops. 

  • November 2nd, 11 AM
  • November 9th, 7 PM
  • November 12th, 12 PM

These workshops will help you write your winning letter poems!

Use this link to join the workshops:


Sample Letter Poems

Here are some sample letter poems to inspire you. 

Dear Proofreader
David Hernandez, 1971-

This Is Just To Say
William Carlos Williams, 1883-1963

Letter Home
Natasha Trethewey,1966-

To My Old Poems
Kenneth Koch, 1925-2002 


More Help

Need more help with your poem?

Attend our workshops or meet with any of our resident poets at the Padrón Campus. 

Ismael Santos, MA 

Picture of Ismael Santos

Zoraida Pastor, MFA 

Flyer with Workshop Dates and Link