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Kendall Campus Sustainability Committee: Sustainability Around Campus

Solar panel. Kendall Campus Sustainability

Above: Solar energy is expected to account for almost half of new electric capacity in the U.S. during 2022. You can be a part of the buzz by using the electrical outlets at our solar panel station.

The Sustainability Committee works with campus administration to support sustainability at the Kendall Campus. Below, you will find photos and details about sustainability-focused projects and initiatives throughout the campus. For more information about sustainability at MDC, please visit:


water fountain. water bottle refilling station. Kendall Campus Sustainability

One of several water bottle refilling stations available at the Kendall Campus

bike rack. Kendall Campus sustainability

Using a bicycle in place of a car for your daily commute can save approximately 3,000 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions annually. Consider biking to campus, or a combination of public transportation and biking, and park your bike at one of several bike racks throughout campus.


Trees on campus. Green areas. Native Florida trees. Kendall Campus Sustainability

Some South Florida native plant species found at the native plants garden on campus, between Building 6 and Building 100 (Student Life & Finn's Bistro).

water fountain. water refilling station. MDC Kendall Campus Sustainability

Did you know using a refillable water bottle can save 156 plastic bottles each year? Remember to bring your reusable bottle to campus and refill it instead of buying bottled water.

recycling receptacles. MDC Kendall Campus Sustainability.

After reducing your consumption of materials and reusing items whenever possible, recycling is your next best sustainable option. Please recycle items by placing them in the appropriate bins on campus.

If you need to find your way around campus, the newly-installed solar panel at this wayfinding sign will show you the light, through solar power!