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Black History Month, 2022 - Miami Dade College, Hialeah Campus

The MDC Hialeah Campus celebrates Black History Month 2022 and honors African Americans by exploring the themes Black Health and Wellness. This guide will offer library and other recommended resources featuring books, eBooks, films, and videos.

Full Length Features

The following films are available on the MDC’ Films on Demand Database.  Additional films are available on the MDC Kanopy Database.  However, you must use your ID and password to log in and view them.

Racial Disparities in Cardiac Care. New studies show that African-American patients, particularly women, are more likely to die from heart disease because healthcare providers aren't delivering the same treatment.


Shelter in Place. This film is an intimate portrait of a community battling not only the health effects of environmental pollution, but the corporate powers that deny their responsibility. As the Texas refineries release millions of tons of toxins into the air each year, the townspeople, typically poor and powerless to protest, are periodically advised to “shelter in place”—stay home, shut off all ventilation systems, and tape up their windows and doors. Viewers hear from the affected families, E.P.A. officials, an attorney who brought suit against the refineries, and petrochemical industry spokespeople. (48 minutes)