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Civic Leadership Fellows Program (CLF): Past Fellows

The Civic Leadership Fellows program matches Federal Work-Study eligible students at Miami Dade College (MDC) who will be Changemakers with an organization dedicated to improving the community and working for the public good.

Pronouns: She/Her

Host Site: Touching Miami with Love

Title: Education Fellow

Home Campus: North

Major: Early Childhood Education

Jimese Spencer was born and raised in Miami, Florida. From an early age, she learned what having a solid work ethic and commitment would do to better your life. At the age of 12, she was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease while also battling a multitude of other health issues and it was extremely hard for her to cope with life around her. Jimese found that kids would always seem to be the star that she needed when she was gloomy. This is why she decided to pursue a degree in Early Childhood Education. She is working with Touching Miami with Love in Overtown which has fueled her passion for early childhood education even more.

Pronouns: He/Him

Host Site: Catalyst Miami

Title: Leadership Advocacy Fellow

Home Campus: Hialeah

Major: Biology

Christian was born in Cuba but raised in Quebec, Canada. He moved to Florida in 2019. He received a pre-university diploma in Health Sciences from Collège Jean-de-Brebeuf in Montreal. His involvement with community service and volunteering started at the age of 12. He has volunteered with a variety of organizations such as Amnesty International, nursing homes and neurological rehabilitation centers. He is currently on the path of completing his Associate in Biology with the final goal being medical school.

Prior to joining the iCED team, Christian worked with MDC at the New Student Center of the Hialeah Campus with the Recruitment department. There he was able to develop his customer service skills. Before that, he worked as a Quality Analyst for Healthy Connections CMHC where he was able to round out his healthcare experience by learning about the administrative and clinical sides of the field.

Christian is deeply passionate about helping minorities to not only achieve their deserved equal rights but also to thrive in society. This can only be accomplished by updating the current societal systems of support that are in place which is what he aims to help Catalyst Miami achieve as their Leadership Advocacy Intern through iCED's Civic Leadership Fellows program.

Pronouns: She/Her

Host Site: Fab Lab Miami 

Title: STEM Education Fellow

Home Campus: North 

Major: Computer Science

Milca Jeune was born and raised in Miami, Florida. From an early age, she wanted to make an impact in society. At 8 years old, Milca interest in technology began to grow. Milca played games on the computer, troubleshot network issues, and set up a computer for her family. Milca was in her first technology-related club in school in the fourth grade and from then on Milca was in technology magnet programs in middle school and high school. Milca received her associate’s degree, but she felt it wasn’t enough and decided to take a few years away from school to explore and discover herself. Milca recently re-encountered her love with technology and decided to go back to school to get a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. She now inspires youth with Fab Lab Miami to pursue their interest in Computer Science and STEM.

Pronouns: She/Her 

Host Site: Miami Dade Area Health Education Center (MDAHEC) 

Title: Community Health Fellow

Home Campus: North 

Major: Law Enforcement 

Linda Trotman was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and raised in the state of Florida. Linda learned at a young age the important values of being respectful, honest, and working hard.  Linda was inspired at St. John’s Baptist Church and daycare to always help others. Linda found herself assisting the staff with the younger children until her seventh-grade year when she began a summer job working with children. She continued to participate in community events that involved helping struggling families and community cleanup programs through her church throughout her college years at Barry University.  She found helping others rewarding and chose to pursue a degree in Criminal Justice Administration.  Linda was able to explore her passion further at MDAHEC, a community organization that keeps communities aware of health outcomes

Pronouns: He/Him 

Host Site: Urban Paradise Guild 

Title: Communication and Outreach Fellow

Home Campus: North Campus 

Major: Health and Sciences 

Kevin Young is a 37-year-old massage therapist & sole parent of 3 children. He started engaging in nonviolent activism and fundraising for nonprofits at the age of 16. Raised in the D.C. Suburbs of Northern Virginia, Kevin relocated to Miami at the age of 20. Later that year, he did a term of Service in AmeriCorps as part of the Maine Conservation Corps, creating and maintaining hiking trails for environmental conservation & local recreation. Since moving to Miami Kevin has held numerous positions in a variety of fields; from busing tables to sales manager developing a $5M brand; Kevin truly is a Jack of all trades. Serving with UPG has granted him the opportunity to leave a lasting impact. It has also created an opportunity to introduce habitat restoration & environmental conservation through the Butterfly projects, that his children love. He is returning to MDC after more than a decade, to finish his Associate’s and will go on to complete a degree in Psychology and wishes to enter a Physician’s Assistant program. Passionate, driven & Goal orientated, Kevin lives by his mottos of “Live without Dead time” and “A Better Life Is Possible”.

Host Site: Fruit & Spice Park 

Title: Field Research Fellow 

Home Campus: Homestead

Major: Law Enforcement