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MDC Tutoring: Welcome

Tutoring is Closed July 27-August 25

Drop in Tutoring

Drop-In Tutoring

Meet with a tutor now face-to-face or online.

Book Tutoring Appointment

Book a Tutoring Appointment

Make an appointment with a tutor in person or over Zoom.

Become a Tutor

Become a Tutor

Become part of a student's success team.

Skillshops Calendar

Skillshops Calendar

Workshops for academic and professional development.


    How to Book Appointments

Learning Resources offers students and faculty a wide array of supplemental assistance to ensure academic success. Our facilities house state-of-the-art technology and software, as well as knowledgeable tutors that can provide face-to-face and virtual, and individual and group instructions in a variety of courses such as math, writing, reading, business, natural science, health sciences, speech, test preparation, and more.

The purpose of tutoring is to meet students' academic needs and help them become independent learners. Our tutors are trained to challenge and guide students in a creative and intellectually stimulating learning community.

Learning Resources Hours and Locations

Instructions to Book Tutoring Appointments:

  1. Log in to Navigate Student

  2. Select "Make Appointment"

  3. Choose the service, campus, date and time you want the tutoring appointment to take place.

  4. Submit request and review appointment details.

  5. Be on time, provide the necessary course materials, and come with questions. 

Use the short video on the left and follow the steps to book an appointment with a tutor.

Don't have an appointment? Drop-in sessions are available in-person on all campuses. Refer to the "Labs by Campus" contact box below for more information.

Labs By Campus

Lab Name Room Phone
Business Lab 1400 305-237-8720
Computer Courtyard 1400 305-237-8720
EnTec Lab 1400 305-237-8720
Math and Science Lab 1400 305-237-8720
Reading Lab and Writing Lab 1400 305-237-8720
World Languages 1400 305-237-8720

Labs By Campus

Lab Name Room Phone
Air Traffic Control Lab F214, F215, F218 305-237-5950
Computer Courtyard D101 305-237-5153
Flight Simulator Lab A115 305-237-5900
Learning Commons D101 305-237-5153
STEM Lab D105 305-237-5229
Writing Support Lab D101 305-237-5153

Labs By Campus

Lab Name Room Phone
Anatomy Open Lab 3326 305-237-2027
ACCESS (Disability Services) Learning Center R447/448 305-237-2851
Architectural AutoCAD Lab 6301 305-237-2226
Architecture and Design 6302 305-237-2097
Business Resource Center R450 305-237-2283
Computer Courtyard 2117 305-237-2502
Data Analytics 6355 305-237-2097
EAP/World Languages Lab 6237 305-237-0895
Engineering 6315 305-237-2097
ENTEC Study Center 9103 305-237-2097
Foreign Languages Lab 6237 305-237-0895
GED Lab 5231 305-237-0555
Math Lab 3319 305-237-2121
Music Lab M336 305-237-2430
Speech Lab 2207 305-237-2253
STICHES Center (Sciences) 3326 305-237-0893
Student Support Lab 2234 305-237-0851
The Writing Lounge 2236 305-237-0813

Labs By Campus

Lab Name Room Phone
Clinical Simulation Lab 1304, 1302-05, 1302-13, 1304-01 305-237-4333

Labs By Campus

Lab Name Room Phone
Student Success Lab 1109 305-237-1919

Labs By Campus

Lab Name Room Phone
Academic Support Center 2201 305-237-1800
Business Lab 2201 305-237-1017
Computer Courtyard 2102 305-237-1800
EnTec Lab 2201 305-237-1581
Math Lab 2222 305-237-1421
Science Lab 2201 305-237-1800
The Writing Center 2210 305-237-1630

Labs By Campus

Lab Name Room Phone
Business Lab 6011-00 305-237-6692
GED Lab 1206 305-237-6273
Honors College Computer Lab 6023-17 305-237-6713
Reading/Writing/Speech Lab 6011-19 305-237-6720
STEM Success Center 6013 305-237-6116
World Languages Lab 1218 305-237-6623

Labs By Campus

Lab Name Room Phone Number
AR/VR Classroom 2231 305-237-8522
Beam-Me-In Classroom 2130 305-237-8522
Beam-Me-Out Classroom 2239 305-237-8522
Courtyard 1124 305-237-8508
Creative Content Lab 2134 305-237-8522
LR at West Park 1327 305-237-8986
Makerspace 2137 305-237-8522
Robotics/Physics/Alternative Energy Lab 2139 305-237-8522
The Lair Science Lab 1322 305-237-4821
STEM Space 2214 305-237-8529

Labs By Campus

Lab Name Room Phone
Architecture and Interior Design Lab 2211, 2212 305-237-7156
Business Lab 2301-3 305-237-7023
Computer Courtyard 1216 305-237-3144
EnTec Lab 2104 305-237-7266
Humanities Lab 3306 305-237-7485
Makers Lab 1164 305-237-3470
Math Lab 2223 305-237-3834
MEED Digital Tech Studio 1180 305-237-3072
MFI Fashion Lab 8601 305-237-7007
Reading & Writing Center 2301-4 305-237-3466
Science Resource and Tutoring Center (SRTC) 2221 302-237-3018
The Learning Spot 2301 305-237-7023
World Languages Speech/Listening and Writing Labs 1555 305-237-3563

Additional Online Tutoring Services

Knack Online Tutoring Platform

Brainfuse is an all encompassing 24/7 online tutoring service. All MDC students can easily access Brainfuse through their Canvas shell. Learn more here.

Knack is an online peer tutoring service. Request an online tutor who already aced your class.