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This guide is to help you find research material for your class paper.

Topic: Strategies for Student Success and Mental Health/Wellbeing in Higher Education:


Why does this LibGuide exist?


This LibGuide gives the reader an overview of research methods in a given topic, in this case, Strategies for Student Success and Mental Health/Well-being in Higher Education.


In a nutshell, this is to guide students into acquiring and developing mental health strategies for continued success in college, university, or continuous educational training. Good grades require a positive outlook and a firm mental foundation. Another benefit is that these mechanisms, once acquired, can help with life challenges.


As a Miami Dade College student, you can access the library’s databases. You can find the link in the tab above.  Also, in the tab above is a list of free reputable open source search engines and databases.



Below you will find suggested articles from the school's databases that will help you in your research goals.  

How Organizations Can Promote Employee Wellness, Now and Post-Pandemic

Dimensions of students' psychosocial well-being and their measurement: Validation of a students' Psychosocial Well Being Inventory

This article can be found in the ProQuest database.  The report addresses university students' psychosocial, psychological, and subjective wellbeing.

Applied Learning and Students’ Well-Being in Higher Education

This article links students' well-being to applied learning.  When students can apply the theories they learn to real-world situations.  This study measures the impact on students' well-being as they grow in knowledge. 

U-Flourish university students wellbeing and academic success longitudinal study: a study protocol

This article targets the college population of Canada, 16-24 years old.  This period is also the period that mental illness surfaces in young adults. It can be found in ProQuest.

All In Together: The role of the family resource center in achieving student parent success at Los Angeles Valley College

This article can be found in JSTORE. It focused on students who are parents and their mental health and academic success. 

A mindfulness‐based well‐being group for international students in higher education: A pilot study

This article dealt with international students who attended American universities. The study showed a positive impact on students' view of themselves and the world they worked in. 


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Social predictors of doctoral student mental health and well-being

This article can be found in ProQuest.  It deals with graduate school and the demands on students and the impacts on their mental health.