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Chemistry: Chemistry Introduction

Library Resources in Chemistry

Chemistry Resources



The Campus Libraries have many chemistry resources available, from books to e-books, and from full text article databases to journal subscriptions.

Chemistry Resources



The purpose of this LibGuide is to introduce some of the resources available in the Campus Libraries in the field of Chemistry. The various types of library materials useful in research are described along with some examples of each type. This guide is not a comprehensive listing of sources, but it is intended to be a starting point from which students can begin their research according to their specific needs.

Locations of Chemistry Resources in the Library:

Chemistry  - related topics can be found in resources located in these Library of Congress call number ranges:


  • Amino Acids QD431-436
  • Analysis of Organic Compounds QD271-272
  • Analytical Chemistry QD71-145  
  • Analytical Spectroscopy QD95-96, QC450-467, QD272.S6
  • Biochemistry QD415-431.7, QH345, QP501-801
  • Chemical Compounds (Physical Aspects) QD471-481
  • Chemical Elements QD466
  • Chemical Engineering TP155-59
  • Chemical Nomenclature QD7, QD291, QD149, QD902.5, QD451.5
  • Chemical Reactions QD501-505
  • Chemistry Dictionaries QD5  
  • Chromatography QD117.C5, QD79.C4
  • Electrochemical Analysis QD115
  • Enzymes QP601-619
  • General Chemistry QD1-69
  • Handbooks, Tables, Etc. of Physiochemical Property Values QD65
  • History of Chemistry QD11-18
  • Organic Chemistry QD241-449  
  • Periodic Table QD467
  • Physical Chemistry QD450-731  
  • Qualitative Analysis in Chemistry QD81-98
  • Quantitative Analysis in Chemistry QD101-121  
  • Synthesis (Organic Chemistry) QD262
  • Synthetic Methods (Inorganic) QD156

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