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SLS1510 - Career Exploration: Research Strategies - Recommended Databases

Discovering the resources available to exploring majors and careers: Optimal Resumes, Career Coach, Florida Choices Planer and Occupational Outlook Handbook.

Research Strategies

What Are Databases and Why Do You Need Them?

Okay, so you're thinking, "Can't I just Google the information I need?" Of course you can, but a database is a different kind of research tool that can help you get access to reliable sources that may not be freely available on the web.

This brief video explains the advantages of library databases:

Not sure which databases to try? The Recommended Databases page will help you select the best resources for your research paper topics.


Suggested Topics:

There's so much information out there. How do you decide which sources to use for your research assignment? How do you know if the sources you've found are reliable? These links can help.

Resources for Writing

Style Guides / Tutorials:

Citation Generators:

Mobile Apps: