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Library Resources: SLS 1510

Evaluating Websites

Even though there is a wealth of reliable information available on the Internet, there is also a lot of misinformation. Since there is no regulatory agency to monitor the wide variety of information that is published on the Internet on a daily basis, it is often hard to tell if the information you access is reliable. Therefore, it is very important to evaluate Internet sources to determine the reliability.

The following will help with evaluating Internet sources:

A short video about criteria for determining credibility of websites.

link to video


Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark ( is a free resource for creating content for social media posts, webpages or videos.

Databases-Digital Content


Credible Sites-Coronavirus

From the Harvard University Health site:

Reliable online sources on 2019-nCoV

While no one source of information is perfect, some are undeniably better than others! It’s best to look for sites that

  • rely on experts who use well-accepted scientific analyses and publish their results in reputable medical journals
  • have a mission to inform and protect the public, such as the CDC and the WHO, which recently added a myth busters page to its information on 2019-nCoV
  • are not promoting or selling a product related to the information provided.

Other good online sources of information on the virus include

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