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Pros and Cons Research: Articles from Databases

Research on Controversial Issues

Some Specific Article Databases






  • Opposing Viewpoints in Context
    Full text database covering social issues with topic overviews and pro/con viewpoints. Sources include news, journal articles, magazines, media, maps, websites and statistics.



      Facts on File: Issues & Controversies

      Issues & Controversies covers the hotly debated issues of the day. It combines authoritative factual analysis, clear explanations of opposing points of view and numerous special features, so students and other users can quickly grasp the essentials of even the most complex topics. Chronologies, illustrations, maps, tables, sidebars, bibliographies and contact information augment the balanced, accurate coverage of current and historical events.



    Academic Search Complete Database - Miami Dade College Library Databases

    Featuring thousands of full-text journals, this scholarly collection offers unmatched coverage of information spanning a broad range of important areas of academic study including: anthropology, astronomy, biology, chemistry, civil engineering, engineering, ethnic & multicultural studies, geology, law, materials science, mathematics, music, pharmaceutical sciences, physics, psychology, religion & theology, veterinary science, women's studies, zoology, and many other fields.

    How to Access Article Databases

    • Click                               
    • Choose MDC Libraries.             
    • Click on Articles/Databases. 
    • Click on Databases by Subject.
    • Select "Miami Dade College" from the drop-down menu . Enter your Borrower ID (student ID), one letter and 8 numbers) and PIN (last 4 digits of student ID).
    • Choose a category of a database. For example, "General," "News and Current Events," "Reference Shelf" and "Social Sciences."
    • Choose a database.
    • In the search box, enter your search terms.
    • Click on Full Text and "Peer Reviewed" (optional).
    • Press "Enter" or "Search."
    • Click on any one of your results. Notice the "abstract" (summary) and "full-text article."
    • Look for the word "Cite or Citation" on the top or side of the article, or scroll down to the bottom to see if the article has a citation

    Examples of Topics

    Listed below are examples of contemporary social problems.  To make your topic manageable, narrow your topic or focus as you locate information.

    • Alcoholism
    • Animal Rights
    • Binge Drinking
    • Birth Control
    • Bullying
    • Campus Crime
    • Capital Punishment / Death Penalty
    • Chemical Weapons
    • Date Rape
    • Domestic Violence
    • Gay Rights
    • Global Warming
    • Gun Control
    • Hate Crimes
    • Hazing
    • Homelessness
    • Illegal Immigration
    • Legalization of Marijuana
    • Obesity
    • Pornography
    • Poverty
    • Prayer in Schools
    • Racial Profiling
    • Recyclingand Conservation
    • Same-Sex Marriage
    • Sexting
    • Social Networking and Privacy
    • Steroid Use in Sports
    • Teen Pregnancy
    • Terrorism 
    • Unemployment
    • Violence in Schools
    • Violence in Music Videos