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LIS 1001 Fall 2014: Searching the Catalog

For use with the classes taught by Librarians


Ways to Search the Catalog





Locates any records that include
your term or terms


Used to locate books written by a
particular author


Searches for titles beginning with the
words you enter


Locates records about your search

Subject Search

Subject Searching


You'd think you could enter any topic as a Subject search in the catalog.

However, the Subject search uses standardized terms to organize records

by subject. These are called Library of Congress Subject Headings.

You can also use a subject search to find books about a person or

organization. To begin searching the catalog, go the the college home page,

Click MDC Libraries. Click Search the Catalog.

To search for books about a person you can enter his/her name (enter the

last name first) in a Subject search:

morrison toni         freud sigmund

Similarly, you can find books about an organization by entering its name

as a Subject search.

american psychological association      ford motor company      


      In the example above, we are searching for the subject Psychology.


Search Results

Single Book Search Result

Refine My Search

When you begin your search in the online catalog, the results may be overwhelming.  The include books, e-books, audio-visual materials, and articles.  Slso they show all of these at all eight of the MDC campuses.  You will wish to refine your search to a particular type of library material and a particular campus.

This is the first screen, before you have entered your subject.

This is the screen after you enter your subject.

Now the screen shows you are seaching for Psychology - All Items at all Miami Dade College Campuses

The last screen shows you are searching for a book about psychology at Wolfson Campus.