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LIS 1001 Fall 2014: Library Databases

For use with the classes taught by Librarians

About databases

When you have completed this section  you should be able to:

           Choose an appropriate research database

           Use a research database to identify an article on a topic

            Manage a database's print and email functions
           Use Options to locate the full text of an article

Why Use a Database?

Why Use a Research Database?


Otherwise, you would have to look   
through each issue of each periodical for
articles on your topic.

A research database will show you  which
periodicals have articles on your topic.

When you use an online research database,
it quickly checks thousands of records
of many different periodicals to find a
match for your search terms.

There are a number of free web tools for finding articles,

images, and more. Google Scholar, for instance, finds articles

and is a quick way to get an idea of topic coverage. However,

if you want premium searching, deep and more thorough topic

coverage, full text articles, and multi media that you can legally

download and use, use a library subscription database.