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LIS 1001 Fall 2014: Use PsycArticles

For use with the classes taught by Librarians




To Access PsycArticles:


Begin at the Miami Dade College Home Page and Click Libraries.    

You will be directed to the Learning Resources Page

Choose MDC Libraries.     

Click Articles/Databases and then Choose Databases A to Z .

  • Enter your Borrower ID(MDC ID - one letter and 8 numbers).
  • Enter your PIN(last 4 digits from your MDC ID - one letter and 8 numbers).


Scroll down through the alphabetical list to PsychArticles and select it.

In the search box, enter your terms.
Click on "Full Text" and "Peer Reviewed" (optional).
Press "Enter" or "Search."
Click on any one of your results. Notice the "abstract" (summary) and "full-text article."
Look for the word "Cite or Citation" on the top or side of the article, or scroll down to the bottom to see if the article has a citation.

Access PsycArticles

Searching PsycArticles            

PsycArticles offers two searching formats: Basic and Advanced. The default is the Basic format. For a Basic search, simply enter your search terms into the box labeled “Find” and click on the Search button. Terms can be combined using AND (to find items which contain both terms), OR (to find items containing either term), and NOT (to find items containing the first term but not the second term). For example: stress and college and academic performance.

You can also choose to limit your results to full-text items only, to items available in print format at the Athens State Library, to items published in a specific journal or within a specified time period, or to items published in peer-reviewed (scholarly) journals. A search statement can also be expanded to search within the full text of articles or to search for related words.


Advanced searching allows you to focus your search by providing additional search features and combinations. By using the three search boxes and specifying search fields and connecting terms, you can combine search terms in more complex ways. For example, you can search for articles on a specific topic by a certain author, or look for a known article by its title.

Unlike many databases, PsycArticles does not use a specialized, controlled vocabulary for identifying subject headings. However, by searching for key words within the title or abstract fields (rather than anywhere in the text of the article), you can limit a search relatively efficiently.



Displaying Records

Each article entry in the result list gives the title, author, journal name, date of publication, volume and issue numbers, and pages. A note in the entry tells if the physical journal is available in the Athens State library. The brief entry will also include a link to the HTML full text or PDF page image.

Click on the title of the article to see the citation (publication information) and an abstract (summary). The HTML full text will be displayed following the citation and abstract, or you can click on the HTML full-text link to go directly to the full text of the article. To display the article in PDF format, you must have the free Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.

Articles can be printed from the screen, e-mailed to your e-mail account, or saved to disk (if this capability is activated) or a thumb drive. Use the “Print,” “E-mail,” or “Save” buttons at the top of the article display screen.